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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer? Ask if you do!

Sorry my internet was down from late Wednesday afternoon until last night.

4 day exercise total; 600 leg lifts, 1000 crunches, 200 squats, 200 back flexes, 50 pushups, 500 curls (10 pounds), 100 tricep extensions (7 pounds), 150 shoulder raises (7 pounds). Stretching & HOLY YOGA!!!!

I fell asleep to “The Cure” the album “Wish”
I exercised to “Econoline Crush” the album “The Devil You Know”

I gave up on yoga a few years ago, that was dumb of me! Yoga seems to be the most beneficial exercise I do. I did squats this week since my back isn’t bothering me. WOW, squats were much easier after a few weeks of yoga. Weights are really helping to. My belly is gone but the area is still cushy. My arms & shoulders look much better too. I’m not going to cut exercises out, but they will likely fluctuate as I do more yoga. I’ve noticed my older T-Shirts fitting better than they did when I bought them. Example: I was wearing a metal shirt I bought at a show in 2006. It was a little tight at the time. I wore it on Saturday for the first time since I got sick & it was baggy, it fit really well! Some shirts that I’ve purchased in the last few years fit differently now. The arms & shoulder area are tighter than before.

I did WAY more yoga then usual on Thursday (1:20 hours) & less weights. Didn’t have enough energy to do it all. I broke a good sweat though, well I do have a good sweat every day I exercise.
Change what I eat & add at least 1 hour of exercise a day has really changed my fitness & cleared my head by shutting out the noise in this really messed up world.
There is too much TV. This fall I cut out a bunch of shows. During the week I watch MAYBE 3 hours of TV a day. Between the computer, guitar, & exercise, there’s not much time left in the day. In the evenings I get to spend time with Kim. Then we add house hunting to the list.
I’m not good as a home buyer. I wake up early then I stay in bed worrying/wondering for far too long. I get up, do my exercise & by then it’s mid-afternoon. WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY! If we had $30,000 more it would make the 2 houses Kim wanted to look at a reality, as for my choice, we should be OK. That’s a TON of cash though!
I’m cancer free working on my 11th year of being so. It’s still an inconvenience though. A wheelchair accessible house in our price range is all but laughable. We lowered the price of our current place, since there are roughly 1,000 new/empty condos in Regina. We can only go so low though. We still have to find a reasonable/decent wheelchair accessible house to live in, that’s within our price range.
Lots of people struggle financially when buying a house, this is just our time I guess. I’m more concerned about keeping Brewster healthy & happy. Currently he’s really good. He loves going to daycare & seems to be more active here because of it. I want to get him checked out ASAP regardless.
The Christmas gift exchange is looking quite bleak this year. Everyone in my immediate family is struggling financially. It will be a rough Christmas but at least we’ll all be broke together! I’m just looking forward to seeing everyone that I don’t see as much as I’d like. I really look forward to seeing people that have moved away. No I’m not listening to Christmas music yet, that was my mother-in-law in July!
Kim’s actual birthday was Tuesday, October 22nd. She had a bad headache when she got home from work & doesn’t really want to spend money. We ordered in & just hung out together. I think I was more excited for her birthday than she was, she just didn’t feel up to much.
With everyone being cash poor, I know why, even though nobody’s said it. I was the one that got cancer & that was nobody’s fault, it just happened. When I got sick EVERYBODY pitched in to help Kim & I out in any way possible. I can’t help but think that others wouldn’t be in their current situation if I hadn’t had stage 4 brain cancer. I wasn’t in a wheelchair or wearing an eye patch before February 2008. I’m owning up to the vicious chain reaction that’s hit all of us. I want to do better because of those people & for them, I feel they all deserve that & more.
I’m very thankful for how things turned out, it could have been worse. At times it does feel like I’m going nowhere fast, just sitting here spinning my wheels in “quicksand”.

Totally off topic, Kim & I were going through a McDonalds drive through I the summer, she wanted to take some pictures that evening. There was a guy who was holding a sign asking for food. We got a cheeseburger for him & gave it to him as we left the parking lot. I was telling this story to another person & their reaction was more than disappointing “Should’ve told him to get a job!” if that’s how they want to look at it fine. What if that person was you or I? The last thing I’d want to hear is someone yelling at me to “Get a job”! By the way the guy thanked me profusely when I handed him the bag. I told Kim immediately “We should have at least got him at least a meal”. Kim’s done it before, so it was my turn, I asked Kim to get an extra burger for him. The guy was hungry & I was on the move without time to teach him how to fish and I’m not Jesus.
Brewster was healthy until Thursday. His cough seemed to be much worse on Thursday. He has an appointment later today at the Vet. I was freaking out over the little guy all day Thursday!
Music has/is a big part of my life obviously. I’m not in the position to spend any cash at the moment, so this is my way of helping this cause. Please do what you can. Please share this video on any & all social media you’re on whether you can donate or not?!?! I think this is a FANTASTIC cause!

17 years ago my wife & I started dating earlier in 2002. On October 22, 2002 she celebrated her birthday. To mark this special occasion “Foo Fighters” released the album “One by One” that day! Thank you to my in-laws & Foo Fighters!

Make your own vinyl? WHAT???????????????????
This $1100 Machine Lets You Make Your Own Vinyl Records
Streaming users don’t have full files to burn. I use iTunes & have full files, but I’m lazy.
Why drummer, Chris Adler, left “Lamb of God”.
If he felt like he was “phoning it in”, fans expect to hear the hits at any live show. I don’t know if that’s what he meant? If he did, he wrote the drum parts. It was a vague statement, I don’t think he wanted to blame anyone. Either way I’ll miss him.

I guess that’s one take on it, since the music of “Lamb of God” totally (sarcasm) comes off as formulaic!

The guitarist, bass player, & drummer from the band “Creed”. “Creed” broke up & the 3 musicians found Myles Kennedy, he currently sings with Slash, does a solo career now, all while singing & playing guitar in “Alter Bridge”. Lead guitarist of “Alter Bridge” Mark Tremonti also releases solo albums, 4 to date.
Alter Bridge released their first album in 2004. They released their 6th album entitled “Walk the Sky” on Friday, October 18th 2019. Here are 4 highlights for me on this 6th album. For me, they haven’t released a questionable album to date. I don’t typically listen to lyrics much, but the song “Godspeed” caught me off guard……in a good way!

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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl
We’re all Global Citizens,
“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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