Rock & metal artists discuss Mental Health.  REALLY GREAT VIDEO of artists talking about this issue.


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Music throughout the weekend.  “Trivium X 2”, “Metallica”, “Lamb of God”, “In Flames”, “Of Men & Monsters”, & “Opeth”



I spent Friday night watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders lose first place to the Calgary Stampeders in Calgary 28-30.  2 beer and a rum on the rocks, I’m a lightweight now that I drink pretty much water & nothing else.  Kim’s not a football fan & went to bed just before 9:00 pm, game started at 7:30 pm.

Saturday we spent the day mostly cleaning out our storage room, I don’t know how many bins Kim took to donate to Value Village, we have a few more items to send their way still.  I found a TON of clothes that didn’t fit & now do, donated some & have some to keep & add to my wardrobe of sport & concert T-Shirts.

Found some vinyl albums for a friend of mine.  I don’t own a record player.  So he might as well use them.  My Grandfather bought them at garage sales for $1 & let me grab a few for free.  I have a few as well.  Some good stuff I didn’t realize I had on vinyl…

I personally HATE the idea of streaming music.  I prefer to own my music.  That being said, I do stream things until I can afford to buy them on iTunes or the odd CD.  I need to cut back on streaming music, I have 10 streaming albums at the moment that I’m waiting to purchase.  If you like streaming music, go for it!  Here are a couple of albums on my list to purchase…..

Haven’t had the official word yet, but it looks like our affordable, wheelchair accessible, dream home is sold & gone.  I’m pretty bummed out about that, no silver lining here really.  I do hope the new owners can use all of the wheelchair accessible features that have been added.  Sucks for us but there’s nothing we can do.  Kim wanted it bad & I grew to want it even more.  We’ll get the official word on Tuesday though.

Saturday night we watched “Spider-man Far From Home” on blu-ray.  Kim was spooked by all of the surround sound that kicked in.

Sunday I stayed out of Kim’s way.  She cleaned, did laundry, went grocery shopping, then made supper.  I don’t think my cleaning/maintaining was quite up to par after the “Monthly Spring Cleaning Event” that took place today?  She was on a mission!  I guess my maintaining helped somewhat this was “Monthly” instead of the typical “Weekly Spring Cleaning”.

Thanksgiving Monday, we’re off to the McDonald’s house hold.  We’ll have our Thanksgiving with good friends!  Close enough to call family.  Thangs giving with our “niece” & “nephew”.  We’re “auntie” & “uncle” to a few kids.

Don’t get me wrong here.  I love dressing & gravy, potatoes & roasted fowl aren’t for me.  If I never see a baked or mashed potato again that would be fine.  A roasted bird needs to be either a pulled chicken, barbequed something, or chicken wings.  Turkey or chicken are acceptable in a bun or thinly sliced deli meat.  I’ll eat a roasted bird but it’s FAR from anything I’d consider making!

Great meal this evening & YAY no turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Roasted ham, smoked chicken, string bean & tomato salad, onions & cheese, marshmallow fluffy salad, etc.  I managed to stay away from the dressing, potatoes, & pie.  Potatoes can cause me to gag, and it was that way before cancer too.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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