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Music throughout the weekend.  “Limblifter”, “Iron Maiden”, “Foo Fighters”, “In Flames”, & “Big Wreck”



I’m not giving up on the house yet!  According to the doctors I should be dead.  Well the house isn’t completely sold yet & I’m not dead!

We spent Friday evening at my parents’ place.  Surprise birthday there for my grandparents.  My two sets of aunt & uncles came from Alberta as a surprise, my aunt’s parents & our family friend Lori, Mitch & Rachel, & my great aunt & uncle from Winnipeg.  My grandparents love turkey dinner, so that was supper. One week before Canadian Thanksgiving blah.  Tis the season for turkey suppers.  The only good thing about a turkey supper for me are turnips & other veggies.  The turkey needs to be in a bunwhich with pepper, little bit of mayo, & maybe some hot mustard.  Stuffing & gravy are great, but I don’t eat them.

I tried to avoid the pie, cake, cupcakes, & butter tarts.  I caved & had 2 butter tarts & a cupcake.  I’m not on a diet, just watching what I eat VERY closely.

Easter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas, each involves a turkey supper.  If I never see a turkey supper again that’d be fine by me.  I despise mashed or baked potatoes too!  I should have people donate my meal to a homeless shelter!  Much better idea, give it to someone that would appreciate it!  Dag nam it I’m smrt sometimes!

WOO HOO!  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are now in first place in the west, thanks to Montreal beating Calgary & Saskatchewan beating Winnipeg 21-6.  Glad I was there to see it in person but WOW that wind was cold.  Should’ve worn wool socks over my regular socks.  Toque & gloves were a good decision.  Got in the vehicle to leave & the weather went from clear & sunny to dark & cloudy in about 4 minutes!  Lots of coffee, tea, & hot chocolate all around us at the game.


Just because they’re rock & metal artists doesn’t they won’t help when needed?



The Watchmen

We went to see The Watchmen Sunday evening at Casino Regina.  Great concert as always!  Big Wreck, Barenaked Ladies, & The Watchmen are the 3 Canadian bands I never miss when they come through Regina, at least since I turned 19.  My first concert was Barenaked Ladies at the age of 12 with my family.  Anyways this is some of what they played, in no particular order….

They’ve toured all over the world but I think they only gained fame in their homeland of Canada.  They stopped recording after their fifth album released in 2001.  They do tour on occasion, not enough!  The albums are great!  WWWAAAYYY better live though!


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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