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Music throughout the weekend.  “Nothing but Thieves”, The Struts”, “Tool”, “In Flames”


I’ve been out at the family cabin since Tuesday evening.  I had 2 appointments on Tuesday afternoon.  1st with a therapist, then with a psychiatrist a few hours later, & a ½ hour since he was tied up in a meeting.

A psychiatrist gives you pills & talks very little, a therapist or psychologist will speak with you about your issues.  I’m good since my one anti-depressant has been increased as of June.  Now it’s more talking with someone about some minor issues & what the future could look like, how to go about that change.

I’m not perfect physically yet, I still can’t walk, drive, or see with both eyes.  I’m likely going to be in the market for a low exertion, part-time, online job.  Something simple like data entry?

It was good to know that I’m not crazy, as I was told at the therapist.  Just out of sorts after an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury).  Kim & I have been referred to a couples counseling therapy.  No, don’t freak out!  There’s nothing wrong with our marriage.  It’s more of ‘OK, now what?’ type of help & direction for us at this point.  I’m not physically well enough to pick up where I left off & I likely never will be exactly the same.  Things will be different, but a new normal if that makes sense?

My psychiatrist also made a very valuable point.  To paraphrase, he said ‘Recovery is a very long process.’  That should explain why this mundane brain cancer blog has lasted so long.

Our summer break/vacation was late obviously.  I don’t know exactly what we’ve been doing, but this was the week to stop & smell the roses.  The internet was the furthest thing from my mind.  Even without a mobile device, I needed a break.  This social media stuff has it’s pros & cons like everything else.

I had my appointments on Tuesday, September 10th.  We picked up Brewster from daycare & rushed to my parents’ house since my dad was in town.  I had packed the evening before & went from our vehicle to his on the drive way.  Dad picked up a few groceries & a few other items for the cabin while I waited in the car.  We then grabbed some supper from a new place, not knowing we’d be getting a 3 pound portion of poutine each????????????????  Who needs that much potato, gravy, & cheese at once?????????????????  No, neither of us came anywhere close to finishing our poutine!

Anyways, we ate some of our meal I the parking lot & headed to the cabin.  After being there for 3 nights & 3 days, I realized how much it’s not wheelchair accessible.  It’s small, my wheelchair was not touched the entire time since it was raining & cold outside the entire time.  I ended up crawling from the living room, up one full step, & down a hallway to the washroom A LOT since I drink so much water.  Having to pee a minimum of 9 times a day becomes very tiring if you have to crawl back & forth from the washroom.

Friday dad & I met Kim in Chamberlain, Saskatchewan which is about a 20 minute drive from our cabin.  Kim & I drove to her hometown about 3 ½ hours from Regina.  We stayed there Friday night & drove back yesterday (Sunday, September 15th).  Relaxing at both places, but also more effort required at both.  More physical effort at the cabin since I knew the lay of the land there.  Mental effort & aid at Kim’s parents’ since I don’t know it as well & there’s stuff I’m not able to do on my own at this point.

When we came home, we rushed around to get everything back to normal & oddly enough, that was when we both had that moment of ‘Aww, now this is relaxing’.  For me, it was just a matter of knowing how to get around here & do things the way I’m used to doing them without having to exhaust myself mentally or physically.

My mother said at the cabin that she wished it was easier for me to get around there, & Kim said the same at her parents’ house.  I get that, but nobody builds a house thinking “Hey, we should build this so a wheelchair can get around easily”.  Why would anyone do that unless already needed?  I’m guessing there are more physically capable people in the world than physically handicapped?


She’ll be back TS fans quit crying.  This isn’t a Nirvana/grunge take over, although TOOL could do it.  This will hurt for just a bit, you’ll be fine.  Let me explain what happened in 1991 with a band called Nirvana.  You weren’t born yet…..

Even as a rock/metal fan, all this says to me is that rock is definitely not dead.  There’s a market for it.  Remember that trends of any kind come in giant waves.  Nirvana headed the grunge movement in 1991 as did Taylor Swift when she debuted.  Both came with a flood of other artists/bands.  If anything is going to make a huge movement in this scenario, there had better be many other rock/metal bands coming along VERY soon.

I found a much cheaper & more practical guitar with 7 strings instead of the same old 6 string style.  This will also allow me different tuning of the guitar without changing the guitar.  I have 3 other 6 string electric guitars, each in a different tuning.  This will give me more variety in tuning.



BIG WRECK album review of “…but for the sun”

I’ve always wanted to sit down, pick up my guitar, & casually play and sing a Big Wreck song.  Problem I that most of them are in some wacky open tuning on the guitar, which is also very difficult to play unless you’re a lead guitarist.  I’m was a pretty simple rhythm guitarist.  I didn’t get my first guitar until my 21st birthday.  Never took a lesson & as for sheet music, I’ve completely forgotten how to read it!  I was always a singer first, the guitar was for me to hind behind.  I could play 3 songs & an intro.  I taught myself some basic chords & a riff that I could play while singing, then it became somewhat overwhelming!

I went from a low bass singer in high school choir to a tenor singer in a rock band as a hobby.  Yes, I still like classical music A LOT.

Big Wreck is not a metal band, I wouldn’t even call them a hard rock band just a REALLY FANTASTIC rock band that doesn’t get the credit they deserve.  They should be a household name like U2, Ariana Grande, Pink, Pearl Jam, or Foo Fighters.  They don’t sound anything like those bands though.

Singer & lead guitarist Ian Thornley is very fast on the guitar & an excellent songwriter as well.

Their new album “…but for the sun” was released on Friday, August 30th.  Not many people outside of Canada know them, which is really sad.  They could pull off a Soundgarden cover, & vice versa.  Singer, Ian Thornley even auditioned for the rock band “Velvet Revolver” when Scott Weiland passed away.  “Velvet Revolver” already had 2 guitar players & their manager wanted to keep it that way.  Ian Thornley basically told him that he wouldn’t sing unless he had a guitar.  In a band with “Slash” two guitars should already be enough!

I’ll start with a song known all across Canada from their first album then a few songs off of the new album….


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

P.S.  I’ll catch you on Friday!

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