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Music throughout the weekend.  “Tool”, “Big Wreck”, “Nothing but Thieves”, & “Foo Fighters”


Kim wasn’t feeling too good on Friday, so she stay home, ate some, felt a bit better & ordered supper.

I was off to Sherry & James’ place since our friend Gerry came down from Saskatoon for his birthday on September 11th.  We just watched football, we all stopped paying attention when it was 34-3 for Winnipeg.  Switched it to USA College football.  Anything but NFL for me, far too slow & 4 hours long.  I believe college football is 4 hours too, it just doesn’t feel like it.

Sherry made tacos for supper, then I came home to string a guitar, did the other one today.

Today we’re just hanging out watching TV.  Kim is still getting over her head cold, draining her sinuses yesterday & today.  She stayed home yesterday.  She wasn’t feeling up to anything.

I’ve got some appointments this week, so I’ll be busy.  I can’t get this wheelchair to move as fast as my mind goes to get everything in order, since February 2008.  Found a bad guitar piece.  Well, there goes $200 until I rip it apart & clean it!


Kim got this since I asked her to please buy the new TOOL album for me.  She was in line at noon the day it was released.  The person in front of her had the 4th last copy in the store & the person behind her had the 2nd last copy in the store.  This news is somewhat of a shock, but I always thought it could be a possibility.


Hahaha!  Now that’s a VERY cool music teacher!  I think mine would have done the same!


I wouldn’t worry Taylor Swift fans, she’s not going anywhere.  I’m not a fan but she has built a career for herself.  She’ll keep doing her thing until she doesn’t enjoy it.


TOOL – An album highly anticipated after a 13 year wait!  “FEAR INOCULUM”

The spring of 2006 saw the release of Tool’s 4th full length studio album as of August 30th, 2019 we now have the follow up album.  To say there has been hype, excitement, & anticipation among fans would be a serious understatement.  Yes, I’m a TOOL fan.

After 13 years it you’d assume fans would get tired of waiting & drop TOOL for something new.  Not the case at all.  Past fans & new fans came out in droves to get this new album either through streaming, downloading, or purchasing the physical version.  I bought the CD, & downloaded the 3 extra interludes on iTunes.

The CD was $70 + tax.  Had I been there to buy it I likely wouldn’t have, it’s here & the artwork is INCREDIBLE!  A 36 page booklet of photos, embossing, & for, what I believe is the first time for TOOL, lyrics.  The packaging of this album is phenomenal!

The case opens into three panels.  First panel is the enclosed booklet, middle/2nd panel is the housing for the 4” video screen a ½” higher on the middle panel.  The video inside begins playing when the entire case is opened & stops when closed.  It’s not a song but there is some ambient sound behind a video of TOOL style artwork.  I believe the video is re-chargeable but I have yet to try that.  The final panel has an enclosed space for the CD, which is inside of a cardboard sleeve inside the panel.  Everything has lavish artwork & is embossed to have texture throughout the case.

TOOL has now embraced technology.  As of the middle or beginning of August, the entire TOOL discography was added to digital/online formats.  That & the 13 year wait should easily explain why a band like TOOL is so high up on the music charts.

As for the music itself, well there are 2 versions of the album musically.  10 songs on the digital version, 3 interludes over 86 minutes long roughly & the physical version which is 7 songs with no interludes & still over 80 minutes long roughly.

TOOL is not a metal band!  They incorporate many musical styles in their music.  That’s like pigeon holing an acid jazz band as simply a write off as a jazz band.  Their music does come off as heavier music, likely because of the many layers in an individual song.

This & other TOOL albums aren’t typically made to listen to one song, but listen to the entire album & focus only on the music.  This album is VERY long in playing time though.  A free 90 minutes is hard to find.

With 6 songs being 10:20 – 15:44 minutes long you likely won’t hear a radio single.  Each song is different & they all start off very quiet & tame, eventually coming to a loud, multi – layered crescendo mid song while coming to a quiet close.

I’m not going to give you multiple songs to listen to, just one.  Please drag the video to the middle of the song after a few seconds if you are not interested in the entire 15 minutes of it.


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“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-David Grohl

We’re all Global Citizens,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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