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Do you have a question about stage 4 brain cancer?  Ask if you do!

4 day exercise total; 400 leg lifts, 300 crunches, 300 squats, 200 back flexes, curls, yoga, & stretching.

I fell asleep to “Wide Mouth Mason” the album “Where I Started”

I exercised to “Paramore” the album “After Laughter”


What do I do after my exercises?  I keep myself busy.  I exercise from 1 hour or 1 & ½ hours.  Eat my breakfast, shower.  Do whatever needs to be done here, have lunch, check my email & other stuff.  Then hit the couch around 2:00 pm to watch some TV.  I do that, but I always feel like I’m “Chasing Yesterday”.  It’s a Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds album title.

Now that I have dumbbells, I keep them by my feet & randomly pick them up to do more curls with my left/weaker arm which still shakes uncontrollably.  I don’t even use heavy weights.  Only 10 pound weights for curls, I do 100 on my left arm & 80 with my right arm.  There is a visual difference between the 2 arms.

I also work on my tricep muscles with a 5 pound weight.  The exercise with your elbow pointing up & the weight behind your head with one arm.  Then during the day I’ll pick up a weight & do some exercise on my left arm while watching some TV.

Working with the weights seems to be a better workout than the pushups & tricep lifts I used to do.  Different muscles though.  At least my uncontrollable left arm seems to be stronger after 2 days of weights.  The yoga & stretching help quite a bit too.  I’m glad I brought the yoga back into the routine!

Yes we went back to the “Toyota” dealership Thursday after Kim finished work.  She got a 5 year lease on a new Toyota RAV 4.  It should be here in a month.  I felt & still feel sick to my stomach the further we drove away from the dealership.  “YAY let’s make car payments for the rest of our lives & never own a car!”  Might as well move into an apartment.  All I can hear in my head is “We can’t afford that” on repeat.  Happy wife = tightly wound ball of stress husband.  5 year lease & we should buy it at that time.

She deals with the money, while I worry about EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m still ready to throw up violently.  She says this way is better for us.  I said “OK, if you say so?”

Toyota’s “….got me firmly by the short & curlies…..”

Kim is much more responsible with money than I am.  If she can make it work, & she can, I shouldn’t stress out as much as I do.

Please don’t ask?  I can’t tell you how much the payments are other than, more than our 2014 fully loaded Hyundai Santa Fe.  We need a new vehicle why?  Our Santa Fe is still under 38,000 km.



Slash confirms new Guns n’ Roses music on the way


25th Anniversary of “Throwing Copper” by Live.  Unheard song from that recording process.


Moby cancels tour.


I watched a little CNN on Wednesday.  Nancy Pelosi wants to wait until she can put together an iron clad case.  She should jump right in after hearing Robert Mueller’s statement earlier this week.


How will “Lamb of God” have the time to record a new album if they just finished playing on Slayer’s farewell tour & now playing a festival in Copenhagen?  Still so many releases to come, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Highly Suspect, Pearl Jam & 4 albums that I know are recorded from other groups but not released yet.  I hope the anniversary albums don’t count as a new release?  The one album I do have on preorder, & I’ve had it on preorder since March, is a new Sum 41 set for release July 19th.  Their last 2 albums are impressive, very good hard rock albums!

I’ve known this for a while.  Alter Bridge are having a listening party at the end of September for their new album.


I LOVE the fact that more bands are not allowing cell phones into their concerts!  I wonder what a concert in the 1980s was like?  Probably fun & relaxing….wait….that’s the same all of the time for me!




I can’t tell you much about him.  I never bothered to look into his information.  He’s American, plays acoustic guitar by finger picking through the majority if not all of his songs.  I don’t believe there’s any singing involved.  I have one album of his & it’s all instrumental.  He has 4 albums, 2 EPs, a few singles, & a collaboration with 2 or 3 others on a full album, so says iTunes.




The more you share this, the more readers I get.  No, I’m not profiting from this in any way.  I can’t tell who’s reading this but thank you!

Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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