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3 day exercise total; 100 pushups, 400 leg lifts, 300 crunches, 0 tricep lifts, 0 squats, 0 back flexes.

I fell asleep to “Into Eternity” the album “The Sirens”

I exercised to “Black Sabbath” the album “Heaven & Hell”


A lot of tea, honey, & squeezed lemon going on here, along with cold fruit, water, cranberry juice & Sprite, & many cough candies.  Now about 2.5 weeks with no notifications from my “likes” on Facebook.  Why?  I don’t know?  I know I’m missing a lot of info!

Well Monday was a waste of a day.  Tuesday, I still had a bad cough but figured I should do some exercise.  Wednesday the good ol’ phlegm started to come down from my sinuses.  I did some exercise Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.  Obviously not much if you look at the numbers though.  I probably should have slept on the couch this week?  I’ve been tossing back & forth in bed trying to get comfortable & probably making snorting sounds in my sleep.  Kim deserves a good night sleep or 5.

I shaved my beard off in November & I’ve remained clean shaven.  Last Thursday I  shaved & didn’t shave until this Tuesday.  WOW, I pretty much had a short beard, like I used to have.  I really don’t like shaving.  It’s almost summer though, maybe the beard will return in the fall or winter.  I can’t believe how fast it grows!


“Temple of the Dog” was released 28 years ago this past Tuesday.

Chris Cornell of the grunge band “Soundgarden” was roommate with Andy Wood who sang in a group called “Mother Love Bone”.  Andy Wood overdosed.  This album was made in his honour.  The members of “Mother Love Bone” became “Pearl Jam” with Eddie Vedder.  This is the only release from “Temple of the Dog”.

I hear there’s an online petition to name the black hole after Chris Cornell, since he wrote the hit song “Black hole sun” in 1994 with Soundgarden.



Yes, he was on “American Idol” before the reboot.  He was voted off by the fans & saved by the judges.  He was done as the 6th man standing.  What do I like about “American Idol”?  That the fans get to vote.  What do I not like about it?  The judges have to deem the contestants who are good enough for the fans to vote on.  I don’t really need to see any of it until the finalé.  If I see the early stuff I say to the TV “Great, I liked contestant 79 better.  Where did they go?  They’re gone?  OK, so am I”.

This guy made it to number 6.  He played bass along with his singing of jazz, pop, & Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”.  He was my favourite that year.  I think Scotty McCreery won that year though.  I’m not a fan of most country music though….

Now stuff from his 2012 release.  He has 3 or 4 albums on iTunes, I only have this first album of his.




The more you share this, the more readers I get.  No, I’m not profiting from this in any way.  I can’t tell who’s reading this but thank you!

Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres


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