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I fell asleep to “Trivium” the album “Ascendancy”

I exercised to “Better Than Ezra” the album “Deluxe”

What the heck is this?  “Alexa, I’m too lazy to pull my cell phone out of my pocket to do anything, so here’s 6 things I need you to do for me.”  A few weeks back I saw a news report regarding Alexa/Echo “Turn on my TV, order me a pizza, etc.”

So were all just going to get fat & rely on robots to do everything for us?  I saw a story on one of the late night talk shows I watch about a sex robot.  It has different settings to put it to, & one is “kill”.  $15,000 to have a robot kill you?  If I worked as a police officer & went to that call, I’d laugh hysterically!  “This person paid $15,000 to have a robot kill them”!  Hahahahahahaha!

I don’t have a cell phone or any other type of mobile device as a personal choice.  There was a mother complaining about the ban on cell phones at live concerts.  “What if my babysitter is having a rough time with my kid?”  I replied “What did people do before cell phones if they went out?”  Did everybody stay home to watch the kids?

Cell phones, desktop computers, mobile devices, big TVs, email, & social media.  I’m good with that!  We have 2 TVs, I have a computer, Kim has a cell phone, computer, & an iPad.  That’s fine with me.  All of this is fine with me as long as it doesn’t affect me.  Alexa?  I’m not getting that for as long as possible, just like a cell phone or a mobile device.  Didn’t grow up with any of these gadgets & there’s a lot of them I don’t need.  “How do you live without a cell phone?”  Easily I have a landline cordless phone & it makes phone CALLS.  “How do you remember what you have to do on a certain day?”  I have paper & a pen to write stuff down!  I don’t need a ton of this stuff, & I just don’t want it.  If you do, that’s OK with me.

I don’t need a phone with me, why?  I’m always with someone if I’m out, they have a cell phone.  Me having one would be redundant.  All I ask is this.  If you’re at a concert, using your cell phone, please consider that we all paid a similar price to be there, & not all of us want to watch it through your 6” cell phone screen.

I saw “Big Wreck” in February.  Before anyone came on stage there was an announcement over the P.A.  “Please turn off any recording device or cell phone during the show”.  It was enforced by security as well!  All I could think was “YES!”

How could America stop Russia from meddling with the mid-term election?  Paper ballots.



I really wasn’t into “grunge” right away, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” came out in ’91, I was 11 at the time & I wasn’t raised on any type of rock other than “Dire Straits” from dad.  I remember way back when in ’96 that members of U2 & Tool were spotted at their shows in Ontario.  I saw them twice in the ‘90s.  Once in ’96 in Saskatoon & once in Regina.  1996 was the release of their 2nd album “Scenery & Fish”.  My family & Jan Wagner from high school all piled into our car & stayed in a hotel overnight.  Mitch really wanted to go to the show but wasn’t allowed to for some reason?  Jan & I went to the show at the hockey arena in Saskatoon.  Mitch & I both loved/love that album.  He was ticked that he couldn’t come to the show.

They released 4 albums in total.  The first 2 with a singer named “Edwin” & 2 more with a singer named “Bryan Byrne”.  Bryan’s voice seems to work well with the first 2 albums as well as the 2 other ones.  I’ve never heard Edwin even attempt the 2 newer albums.  They broke up shortly after the 4th album “The Quicksilver Meat Dream”, 1 video/single from that album & no tour as far as I know.  Edwin is back & they tour across Canada fairly often & they’ve released 3 singles since getting together.  I still LOVE this band!  I’m guessing it’s because of the weird stuff like a percussionist with a drummer & slap guitar I’ve never heard before, in some of their songs.  Here’s 2 songs from each album of theirs….

New singer “Bryan Byrne” from here on.

Really this is slap guitar!!!  LITTLE LANGUAGE!!!!!!


Yes, I’ve preordered Myles Kennedy’s solo album release on Friday (Alter Bridge singer).  I’ve heard it’s all acoustic.  He had an album of hard rock stuff that he scrapped in 2016 & made this acoustic album instead.

“Year of the Tiger” was 1974, the year his father passed away.


“Halestorm’s” Facebook page says March 8th, 2018.  That must be the preorder date for what I hope is a new album?


Inside a Foo Fighters’ rehearsal!!  Van Halen’s “Jump” meets John Lennon’s “Imagine”!

A photo of Tool in the studio proves they’re in the studio?  When was the photo taken?  I don’t believe a single word or photo coming from anyone associated with Tool.


The Toronto Blue Jays did it finally.  I don’t know him personally & I have nothing against him personally.  They’ve finally sent outfielder Ezekiel Carrera to the minor leagues.  He knew how to bunt, hit for contact, & was fast.  Unfortunately he never learned which base to throw to from the outfield.  I hope he learns what to do properly & that he has a bright future.  Now there are only 5 players fighting to play Left Field for the Jays, it will be mentor, Curtis Granderson age 37,  platooned with one of the remaining 5 players.


Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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