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The Saskatchewan Roughriders were playing in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats Friday evening.  Mitch & Rachel came over to watch the game & have supper as well.  No touchdown shooters here, but possibly at my parents place?  They had some friends over to watch the football game too.  Ugly win, Riders tried to lose the game but ran out of time.  A win is still a win so at least the Riders had that going for them.

The Toronto Blue Jays won too.  A win doesn’t really matter for them at this point.  They’re pretty much auditioning younger players for next year, & they’re playing to stir the pot & affect the playoff teams that aren’t guaranteed a spot yet.

I’m anxious for next season of Blue Jay baseball!  These younger players look good, most of them.  The Blue Jays are actually winning games, not at a high rate, but it seems like they’re winning more often.  It’s at least entertaining to watch a game & know they have a chance of coming out with a win.

Say goodbye to José Bautista.  He’s no longer José Bautista who will hit 40+ home runs.  Last year he was injured & hit 20+ home runs.  This year he hasn’t been injured but his offensive numbers are very much the same if not less.  He has an option on his contract for $18,000,000 next year that both he & the Blue Jays have to agree on.  I don’t think anyone will pay him that much.  He’s about my age aka he is not far from retirement in the MLB.


Saturday, we sat around the house just feeling lazy.  Kim did some laundry & our friends from out of town popped by with coffee & cookies from Tim Horton’s.  Very lazy day for us.

Sunday’s are always get ready for the week, make a pitcher of juice, hard boil eggs, finish up the laundry, grocery shopping & this week get refills on the 5 medications I take, all of them at night & 3 or 4 of them first thing in the morning.





Stephen Colbert makes surprise appearance on James Corden



U2 on Jimmy Fallon “Bullet the Blue Sky”


I need to listen to the “Divide” album by Ed Sheeran more.  It kinda “Fell Through the Cracks”

And there’s a song to break your nose to.  When you’re 19, in a mosh pit, & instantly covered in blood.  Lie to the First Aid guy so you can hear the end of the song & stay out of a mosh pit for the rest of your life!


I guess there’s a new Fall Out Boy album up for preorder at the moment with 3 songs on for preorder.  Full release January 19, 2018.  I’ll check it out on the release day.


Ozzy, you’re getting old.  Everybody has to retire at some point.


I’ve listened to it more & each time I listen to it, it seems to sound WAY better than the last time!  It’s good enough for me to throw it into my regular rotation.  I’m a HUGE Foo Fighters fan though, this could be a biased opinion though.  My initial reaction, terrible album.  Now it’s not too shabby, they have made a few better albums though.


This album seems to get better to me with each listen.  Don’t buy the hype by Dave Grohl in this “making off” clip.  This album does not sound huge to me.  I still blame the producer for the poor reaction to this album.  No it’s not like Metallica’s “St. Anger”.


What I listen to depends on my mood for the most part.  Metal music tends to calm me.  Hard rock makes me quite energetic.  If I want to relax Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, or Simon & Garfunkel it is!


Jack Johnson recently released an album, great album to listen to for chilling out!


“And I think to myself, Trump has divided the world”



Nothing but Thieves aren’t for everybody but both of their albums are REALLY good!  My favourite album of the year is a tight race between ‘Paramore’s’ “After Laughter” & ‘Nothing but Thieves’ “Broken Machine”




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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