I’ve listened to it again, very focused on it!  First listen to it last night, I thought I had put my iPod on The Beach Boys, because of all of the harmonies.  The production was my main problem.  One of the songs has SO much reverb on the lead vocals that Dave Grohl sounds as if he’s 50 yards away from the microphone in a cargo container.  The album is full of multiple harmonies, which I like, just not on a rock album.  The songs, some of them, are just lacking something.  That or I put my expectations too high!  Paul McCartney plays drums on a song that drummer Taylor Hawkins wrote & sang lead vocals on called “Sunday Rain” good tune.  Justin Timberlake sings back up on a song called “Make it Right”.  The title song, last song on the album, was described as sounding like a Black Sabbath tune.  It does, but it’s a slow depressing song with one of the guys from Boys II Men singing multiple vocal tracks to sound like a choir in the background.

Not their best album, but not terrible either!


The making of Foo Fighters’ “Concrete & Gold”


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