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Truth be told, I would have liked to avoid my computron this week entirely!  That could be my biggest reason for not having a cell phone.  Holy sensory overload Batman!

I fell asleep to “Dream Theater” the album “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”


I exercised to “Alice Cooper” the new album “Paranormal”


Some stuff to do around the house & it feels like an “I Mother Earth” day, the album “Blue, Green, Orange”


Exercise total this week, a 4 day week; 400 crunches, 400 leg lifts, 295 pushups, 160 back flexes, & 20 minutes of planking!  Every day starts with me exercising, no shower, dressed in workout attire, & no breakfast.

I was playing with the pushup number, 75 is probably an achievable number per day.

Well I’m alive, cancer didn’t win.  Let’s get things straight.  I did nothing to sway the outcome of this cancer garbage.  My body, nurses, doctors, & Kim were not giving up on me!  I was in a coma for a month, then slept 23 hours a day until early 2009.  Waking up only for pain killers & randomly awake for very light physio.

When I moved to the WRC, I wasn’t in the know as to what was ahead for me or why I couldn’t continue my therapy at the hospital?  I do remember, while sleeping at the hospital in 2008, asking Kim in a dream if she could take over, because I needed a break.

The day I passed out at work was Tuesday, February 5th 2008.  6 days after my 28th birthday & I’m pretty sure I gave myself the worst birthday present ever!  BAZINGA!

I blacked out completely after Kim came into the Ambulance in the parking lot at my work.  I do remember a doctor checking my reflexes by pushing a pen cap on my fingernails to see if I’d pull my hand back from the pain.  I did & had some nasty thoughts about smacking the doctor upside of their head it hurt so much!  Other than that, I was out for a year or a little bit more.  Great company for Kim, her sister was with her for a lot of it………………I think?

I have a job, to make myself better!  I hate spending too much time on the computer.  Doing this blog 3 times a week is much better for me & likely for you as well!  Don’t think that I do nothing all day.  I exercise for 1.5 – 2 hours first thing in the morning, have breakfast, shower, usually tend to the dishwasher or whatever needs to be done around here, lunch is in there somewhere, I write portions of the next blog post, finish up whatever chore I have to do & hit the couch by 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm.  Somethings take a bit longer for me to do, & somethings I can do just like I used to.  If it’s a new task or in a different environment, I’ll need some time to figure out if I can do it or if I’ll need help.




For most Americans, this was Barenaked Ladies 1st album, it’s actually their 5th album.  Their debut full length album was “Gordon”.  My first concert at the age of 12!

5th album, released in 1998

1st full length album released in July of 1992.  The artwork was different when I bought the CD!  A few weeks more than 25 years ago!


13 years ago Alter Bridge released their first album “One Day Remains” & Donnie wasn’t president.  A much simpler time!

I have this 3 CD bundle on the way from Alter Bridge in September B-Side, rarities, & a live album as well.  Not on iTunes, but the actual CDs.  There is a package with a documentary DVD but I have the 10th anniversary box set with numerous long interviews from each band member.



China is making a replica of the Titanic.  I hope this one floats when it hits an ice berg!



Metal fans, Canada has something to bring to the party!


I’ll add 3 to that list!  “The Agonist” from Quebec, “Into Eternity” of Regina, & “Third Ion” from Regina.  All touring bands.  Into Eternity has played alongside big name metal acts such as “Megadeth” & “Dream Theater”


OK, I’m more than ready for the new Queens of the Stone Age album on August 25th!

2nd single

1st single


I’m surprised America still has allies?  Donnie has pretty much any discounted &/or shamed every country possible.

You had to know this type of thing would happen with Donnie as president.  WWIII was easily a possibility with him leading America.  Does he have an off switch?


I’m not ending this with news about Donnie.  How about Helium infused beer!

I’ve shared this & tagged many people on social media!  Many more could easily be added though.  I’ll find this beer one day!




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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