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No summer vacation for us.  Kim’s work is rather shorthanded this month.

Friday ended with me having a beer & a covfefe while watching “Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown” followed by a trip to “The Queen City Ex” aka the carnival aka “Buffalo Days” to see “I Mother Earth” & “The Watchmen” in concert for a WHOPPING $12!  AWESOME!

We can look at this a few different ways.  A) I saw two of my BIG name bands from the ‘90s last year in 2 separate concerts at the casino.  B) I just saw them together Friday night at the travelling carnival.  C) Since 1999 I’ve been able to see them live while drinking a beer & paying less to see them.

The Watchmen are a fairly successful Canadian rock band, & incredible live.  The albums are great & then you see them live & they blow your mind they’re so good!

I Mother Earth is well taken among hard rock fans, but not for everyone.  I know Kim didn’t want to be there, but she stuck around, she could have left, I could have gotten a ride home with Mitch.

I guess Edwin’s back & Bryan’s out doing his solo country thing or is a concert promoter now.  Unfortunately Edwin & Bryan sound nothing alike.  We likely will never hear anything from the last 2 albums live (Edwin recorded just the first 2 albums).

The Watchmen played first from 7:00 pm – 8:20 pm or so finishing with their big hit………………

I Mother Earth played just as long & radio edit versions were not involved at all.  I think when they made the set list they may have been thinking something like this “They want this 7 minute song to be 5 minutes?  Too bad we’re making it 7:30 minutes long!”

I typically don’t like bands that improvise/”jam” on stage, if I’d have to choose one band that does it, I’d pick I Mother Earth in a heartbeat.

All we heard from I Mother Earth was about 5 songs from the first album and I’m guessing 7 songs from the second album.  Yes, we saw some slap guitar!  Not slap bass, but slap guitar in a solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who else does that?

This solo below has slap guitar in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drummer, bassist, guitar, vocals, & 2 additional percussionists FANTASTIC!

I had somewhat of a high school crush Friday night watching these bands.  I discovered The Watchmen at home from sick one day on Much Music, Canada’s MTV.  1994 I saw this video on MM……………

1996 rolled around & this video and song was everywhere……………..


If it costs me $6 per ‘90s Canadian rock band now, there are a few more I’d love to see doing a reunion tour, that will likely never happen or they’re still together!

  1. A) Finger Eleven still together. They haven’t stopped since they changed their name from “Rainbow Butt Monkeys” & recorded the album “Tip” in 1998
  1. B) Matthew Good Band almost a guarantee to NOT get back together
  1. C) Wide Mouth Mason, maybe?
  1. D) Our Lady Peace together & opening for Guns n’ Roses, I don’t know if Our Lady Peace ever really stopped, much like Econoline Crush? Both just seemed to fade away from the spotlight? I’m not a Guns n’ Roses fan, I won’t be there.  I did just see Our Lady Peace open for Bryan Adams though.  They’re together & they’re good, as long as they keep the bulk of their shows on songs from their first 4 albums, which they did when I saw them!  Our Lady Peace last released an album in 2012 & Econoline Crush is recording with a new contract & label.  Currently there are 5 of their albums on iTunes, the most recent from 2010, a greatest hits album.

There could be many more added to that list of ‘90s rock bands, but that list would make me EXTREMELY happy!  Big Wreck has been back since 2011 & have released 3 albums & a 7 song EP of live songs & a cover.

The coolest thing about Friday night was that I was wearing a metal band T-Shirt, Lamb of God, & was complimented on it twice!  Once waiting for the show to start & some guy flashed me the metal horns on our way to our vehicle after the show.

I’ve had this experience before wearing one of my Into Eternity shirts in Boston & Edmonton.  Into Eternity is a local metal band that has done quite well as far as underground metal goes, check iTunes or your local music store, you’ll see 4 albums & 2 singles.  The first album is difficult to find.

Saturday evening we were babysitting for our friends.  Kim took Hannah to the “Emoji Movie”.  I stayed home with Brewster & the Roughriders game & the Blue Jays game.


Sunday Kim & Hannah had breakfast before I was even awake from sleeping on the couch.  I’m not sure where Brewster ended up sleeping?  He tends to roam when Hannah’s here.  He’s not sure how he’ supposed to act around young kids, he tends to get scared & find a quiet spot or curl up on my lap.  He does this also if there’s more than 3 or 4 people around as well.  Poor guy’s getting old, he’ll be 12 years old on January 31st, 2018.  We got him from a breeder down the street from us in April of 2006.

We finished Sunday with an early birthday BBQ for Corey at their place & a pile of Corey & Jolene’s friends.  I’d call it an annual event (well, the last 4 years as far as I know).  Corey smokes a brisket, we all eat & drink!

While at Corey & Jolene’s place I had a VERY odd sense of anxiety.  I don’t know what caused it, it certainly wasn’t anyone’s fault.  It was all in my head!  I didn’t freak out or anything, I just clamed up & felt out of place?  I couldn’t tell you why, I just felt awkward among people that I have no reason to?  Weird feeling, never happened to me before?  Again, nobody’s fault, it was all in my head.

Monday will be a lazy day for us, get ready for the week, watch whatever is half decent on TV or Netflix, lay low & prepare for Tuesday.  Yes, Saskatchewan, Canada has the most days off than any other province I think it is?



I’m a big fan of Lamb of God, In Flames, Trivium, & many more metal bands!  Trivium has made 2 albums that are terrible to me though.  I have issues with “The Crusade” & “Shogun”.  I do like the song ‘The Crusade’, as for “Shogun” they seem to get stuck on a riff & repeat it many times.  Quite a few fans call “Shogun” their favourite album.  I don’t get it, but to each their own!  I got into them on the 2nd album “Ascendancy” released in 2005.  I own most of the CDs, until the last 2 which I bought on iTunes.  Anyways, here’s a review/reaction to the new single & the instrumental ‘The Crusade’.




I just figured we’d all be using emojis in the not so distant future?



Pearl Jam shared it, & it’s the first song on my favourite Pearl Jam album!  Listened to this album every day on the way to my summer job in 1998!


FYI – The Paranormal album from Alice Cooper is REALLY good!


So many conspiracy theories flying around the death of Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington.  Leave it alone & let them R.I.P.


Yep, it’s a marathon, not a sprint at a Foo Fighters show!  They tell you as they begin a show.



How do the Blue Jays lose 16-7 on Friday in Houston, then play the same team the next day & win 4-3 in an extra inning.  Then go into the 9th inning ahead 6-3 and lose the game in the 9th inning 7-6?  Best team in baseball (Houston Astros) vs. the 2nd worst team (Toronto Blue Jays).  If you’re a casual Blue Jay fan, you may not want to watch a game for a year or two, this could get horrific!?


The fact that Pauly Shore is still around is incredible.  I love the Movie “Son-in-Law”



A Rolling Stones member had lung cancer & survived, without the public knowing?



Last Week Tonight with John Oliver






Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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