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I fell asleep to “Ed Sheeran” the album “Divide”

I exercised to “Halflives” the album “Empty Rooms”

Kim & I binge watched the first 5 episodes of “The Ranch” on Netflix Sunday night.  I love that show!  They swear, they drink, & they’re ranchers in their spare time.  We watched the other 5 episodes on Tuesday night, now we wait until next summer to binge watch the 4th season.


YAY, back to working out on Monday.  I was so comfortable in bed, I stayed there until I had to go to the washroom, so until 8:00 am.

When I stopped using a catheter in the WRC, I was terrified that I’d pee in my sleep.  Thankfully that wasn’t an issue at all.  Me with a condom catheter is a different story.  The most unreliable catheter ever, they’d leak or just randomly fall off, they were awful!

My wheelchair is in as of Monday morning to be fixed.  Left break doesn’t do anything, I can do FANTASTIC right turns, & both of my arm rests are unattached!  I have a rental chair which is taller.  I almost can’t touch the ground.  The repair is free, but it’s $35 a day for the rental.


If you’re here strictly for the cancer news, that’s all I have for you today. 


Just finished deleting stuff from my iTunes & iPod that I don’t listen to on Sunday.  The self-titled “Nothing but Thieves” is the most played album on my iPod at 50 plays!

Alter Bridge’s “The Last Hero” wasn’t far behind at 40 plays & the 2 Diemonds albums are in the upper 30s for the amount of times played.  I’m not a fan of GNR, if you are, I highly recommend “Diemonds”!



I just can’t get enough of the new ‘Paramore’ album.  Here they are playing “Hard Times” on air in the live lounge on Beats radio 1.


Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) interview on Beats radio 1.  Part 1 is 12 minutes long.

Part 2 of the interview is not available at the moment.


I don’t feel in any way that we’re entitled, as fans, to have a new Tool album as Maynard has previously stated.  I do feel as though, when Tool knows, we should know if they’re just going to tour & not record an album or if there is new recorded material on the way.  Until I hear whatever they plan to do, I don’t need to go to a show of theirs.  I saw them 3 times on the last tour in Edmonton, Saskatoon, & Regina.


I had a cell phone for like a year or 8 months, a flip phone in 2007.  I’ll admit that I taught myself guitar mostly on the internet.  I learned to read tablature on guitar.  I can’t read music despite my early, grade 1 & 2 in elementary school, taking piano lessons.  Playing in the school band for 4 years, then joining the choir for 2.5 years.  I’ve never had a formal guitar lesson.  I also didn’t have the distraction of a cell phone.  I don’t think I’ll need one.  If I’m at home, I have a land line & if I’m out I’m with someone who has a cell phone.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BIG, HUGE, FOO FIGHTERS NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 3 new songs all over we all had a hunch there was an album or EP on the way.


The album I fell asleep to Monday night.  And here on Tuesday ‘In Flames’ shares it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Racism is still everywhere.  Disgusting, woman flips out since there is no “white doctor” at the clinic?  Lady pull your head out of your @$$ or get a “white doctor” to help you!

Chris Cornell’s daughter writes a Father’s Day letter to him on his Facebook account.


I’m going to put on my general manager hat for a second & pretend I know what the Toronto Blue Jays should do either at the end of July or in the off season.  1.  Trade Troy Tulowitzki for high end prospects & hand the short stop duties to Ryan Goins.  2.  Trade Jose Bautista for high end prospects give Dwight Smith Jr. or Dalton Pompei the outfielder spot after spring training.  3.  If they really want to, trade Russell Martin & give Luke Maile the starting catcher job while bringing up Ohlman to back him up.  I just traded $58,000,000 worth of older, right handed players while really spending only $20,000,000 on players already within the organization.  2 of the replacement players are left handed, & the catcher is younger as are the other 2.  Now all you need is to find teams that are willing to trade for older players!


I’ll be back later time for some “Royal Blood” & breakfast.




Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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