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I fell asleep to “Metallica” the new album “Hardwired”, got up to pee & listened to “Soundgarden” the album “Badmotorfinger”

I did a lot of stretching to “Anthrax” on shuffle

Let’s get one thing straight here.  I’m the man-baby of this house!  Not this man baby…

I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight, when I’m rid of this nerve problem, I’ll lower my exercise somewhat.  Maybe to 6500 crunches, 500 squats, 500 leg lifts, & 500 pushups a week, and some walking or exercise bike on Saturdays.  We are walking in our suite, with this pinched nerve on Saturdays, just to move the muscle a bit.  I don’t walk a huge amount, my foot starts to tingle and then I sit down.  Energy wise I could go much further, but my tingly foot prevents me, that’s why we’re walking in our suite.  I say we because Kim comes with me to make sure I don’t fall & crack my head open.

Despite me not really exercising over the holidays I’ve managed to lose more weight.  I have the time to exercise, & my diet stayed fairly consistent.  Sure there was alcohol, cookies, chocolate, gingerbread, etc.  Instead of devouring all of it, I had it in moderation.

My breakfast & lunch are quite healthy.  A hardboiled egg & a glass of blended fruit & vegetables for breakfast, sometimes multi grain Cheerios with skim milk.  Lunch is usually some fish, then vegetables or rice crackers & hummus for a snack in the afternoon.  Supper usually involves wild rice & quinoa with some type of meat or a stir fry of some type.  I don’t need to pay someone to tell me what to eat, I’m lucky that way.  I understand if other people do though.  I’ve never been so focused on anything before.  The weight loss is a byproduct from my exercise and diet to be able to walk, be more independent & more able bodied.


Sorry I need to get some Toronto Blue Jays stuff off of my chest.  Mostly, IS ANYBODY DOING ANYTHING THIS OFF SEASON??????  Every team seems to be sitting on their hands.  Spring training starts in mid-February, 2 weeks & a few days.  There was a PILE of sluggers on the free agent market, & there still is a few.  The Blue Jays went into the off season trying to get younger, more left handed, & faster.  Everybody involved from Edwin Encarnacion, his agent, & the Blue Jays’ GM screwed up royally and Edwin ended up in Cleveland for less money.  Edwin left to see if he could get more than the Blue Jays had offered $80,000,000 over 4 years.  The GM signed a 33 year old switch hitting designated hitter for $33,000,000 over 3 years bargain, right?  Sort of!  If I see that guy putting on any kind of glove other than a batting glove on, I’ll be yelling at my TV loud enough they’ll hear me in Toronto.  This off season is very close to being over & they need to fill in some holes yet.  They’re getting a good backup catcher, who will be 32 in May & he’s a switch hitter.  Now they need, 2 left handed relief pitchers, a left fielder & I’d like to see 1 more outfielder or first baseman.  That’s a lot to do in a limited amount of time!  The link below is one of the sites I get my Blue Jays info from, that site & other sports talk shows.


That’s a tough choice for me.  Both “The Agonist” & “Stitched up Heart” are really good!


25 worst albums by legendary bands.  Even hard core Metallica fans would say this is not a good album.  No solos or production at all.  LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A tiny bit of info/reaction from Mark Hammill/Luke Skywalker regarding Star Wars Episode VIII.


I guess “Deadpool” didn’t get an Oscar nomination?  I’m guessing it’s because the movie is an action, comedy, comic book, & R-Rated film?



10 greatest Metallica riffs


New “Walk off the Earth” video


Interview with “Clutch”, their sound engineer on tour.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  Voting episode from last year.


Mike Myers guest on Jimmy Fallon.



Why did this become a music blog?  “Because music is a BIG @#!$%^*&( DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“I feel good about the good things, & bad about the bad things”-Dave Grohl

“Learn from your mistakes & don’t repeat them”-Chris

Stay safe out there,


“Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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