I fell asleep to “Oasis” the album “Definitely Maybe” woke up to pee at 4:00 am, crawled back into bed & listened to “Oasis” the album “Be Here Now”

Emptied the dishwasher & made breakfast to “Candlebox” the album “Disappearing in Airports” then put on “Coldplay” the album “A Head Full of Dreams”

I exercised to “Trivium” all albums on shuffle other than “The Crusade”, just the instrumental song “The Crusade”.

They’ve got 6 other full length studio albums I like & own. 4 actual CDs & 2 from iTunes. I own the CD “The Crusade” but I’m not a fan of that album.

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I was close to getting through my regular daily exercise. I should get there by Thursday or Friday?

Our dog, Brewster, is hilarious! All 12 ½ pounds of him make me laugh out loud anytime I see him doing something odd! Late last week or maybe on the weekend I could tell he was dreaming. We were in bed, Brewster sleeps with us, I had my noise canceling ear buds in yet I could hear him? He was asleep but he was barking at almost full volume for a minute. Usually it’s 10-20 seconds of quiet barking. Whatever he was dreaming about he wanted it bad! He didn’t even wake up when I was busting my gut out loud.

The next day he was sleeping in his dog bed, barking. Just his normal dream bark, but I laughed. I always think he’s dreaming about squirrels. “I’m gonna get you squirrel” at least that’s what I like to think when flopped out on his side barking & twitching his legs!

I love it when he tries to “fix” his bed. All curled up in a circle in his dog bed, then you hear & see him barking & twitching all 4 legs to get it as perfect as he can. For the first time yesterday I saw him pushing his bed with his head across the living room. I chuckled out loud again! He’s my main source of entertainment!

AWESOME! Another Canadian band going on tour & skipping right passed Saskatchewan & Manitoba! Sad! A typical Canadian tour is Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver (some times Calgary & Edmonton). I’ll go to Calgary or Edmonton if it’s someone I really want to see, the other locations are a 2 day drive. Montreal is even further. Will I be seeing this tour? No! If they were coming to Regina I would. Saskatoon is 2.5 hours away but I’ve made that drive too many times since 1996 to see I Mother Earth. It’s a really long/boring drive. It certainly doesn’t feel like 2.5 hours, more like 8 hours!

Big Wreck shared it…..

Movie inconsistencies

Trivium shared it…..

More Last Week Tonight with John Oliver LANGUAGE!!!!!

Twisted Sister singer, Dee Snider, is a grandfather

What does guitarist, Brian May, from Queen think of Foo Fighters?

LIVE, LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GMOs from a farmer’s mouth. BOOM DROP THE MIC! There has been thousands of scientific studies, & farmers, most of them I assume use GMO seeds. As for taste, that’s pretty subjective. I like seafood, Kim doesn’t. I don’t like potatoes, Kim does.

Do what you want. I’m trusting science & a farmer, not Neil Young or a healthy 14 year old. The last link is long if you like skip to 1 hour & 36 minutes for the results of the debate if you like. If you’re growing your own food are you sure the seeds aren’t already modified? I’ve heard, I’m not positive on this, that none GMO seeds aren’t easily available to the general public? Like I said this is what I will do. You don’t have to do the same. Do what you feel is best for you.

Opeth has another studio report. Dream Theater songs are long, but Opeth’s songs can be even longer! You really do have to set aside a free hour to listen to an Opeth album & it’s not tap your feet music!

Announcement from The Pretty Reckless. “Our new album, Who You Selling For, is available October 21.

Headlining Tour starts October 20. Ticket info at

A news article with American tour dates.


Zakk Wylde recalls Ozzy’s vocal coach!


Musical hat trick. Musicians in 3 successful bands.

Yes that’s John Paul Jones on bass, Led Zeppelin, Dave Grohl on drums, Foo Fighters, & Josh Homme singer & guitarist from Queens of the Stone Age!


New video from Lamb of God & an article. I didn’t know guitarist Mark Morton had lost a child”


I didn’t know chimeras were a real thing? I thought it was just the name of a metal group?

The band is too heavy for me. I don’t listen to them.


I’ve been there, it happens & I would just repeat what melody goes with the music.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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