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NO, I DO NOT FOLLOW CANADIAN POLITICS AT ALL! As a person with a physical disability, what the Republican Presidential nominee did by mocking people with disabilities does not anger me or the fact that I am physically disabled. I don’t really think of myself as disabled & I’m sure that many others who are mentally or physically disabled don’t think of it either. What that disrespectful mocking did was exactly what this election is about. He separated people more instead of bringing people together. He made it clear, there’s him, 400 feet of crap, upper class, middle class, lower class, 400 feet of crap & everyone else. My legs work, just not for a long period of time. I’ll take a stand for those who can’t, literally & figuratively. It’s disrespectful & does not warrant any gain for ANYONE! I feel bad for Americans, in that some of them support Donald Trump. Remember, he mocked EVERYONE that has a disability! That includes any member of the military who has fought for the country & that anyone can vote in an election.

A broken bone or whatever will heal. A vote for Hillary will never be taken away! I may be Canadian but #ImWithHer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could easily get mad & go on a long rant about him, call him names & such, but that wont help ANYTHING!

My back is still wonky I tried doing 20 push ups on Monday & my back yelled at me to stop! Sitting around watching movies, TV, & Netflix or reading gets really boring for me………………….fast! Stupid back! I want to do something! This is nonsense, I’m bored!!!! I tried some frozen corn on my back but it didn’t work & we don’t have frozen peas? Do peas work better?

90 hard rock & metal albums of the 1990s

New Alter Bridge song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Album release October 7th.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

.more John Oliver

In Flames is going on tour in the UK………………….but they’re opening for Disturbed & headliner Avenged Sevenfold.

Opeth studio update on the future album “Sorceress”

From this list & my personal list, I have nothing music wise coming out for me?

So I guess Sharon & Ozzy are all good now

Sorry but it’s not really “breaking news” if a mass shooting happens every 4 or 5 days. It’s sad & just regular news at this point.

The Agonist shared it….

Yay, another really good A Capella group. 7th Avenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there is ever a show near us with Pentatonix or 7th Avenue in the lineup, I’d pee a bit & buy a ticket ASAP! I’d try to get my priorities straight but I don’t think my bladder could wait?

This is great! I have another solution for this problem. If you’re a civilian & not hunting, why do you need a gun? If you pull a gun out while the police are present, what do you think they’ll do? If you don’t carry a gun, the police have no reason to protect themselves with a gun? Imagine how simple that would be?

10 classic albums reviewed by Rolling Stone magazine.

What did Radiohead singer, Thom Yorke, ever do to this “Christian” group?

I haven’t been a fan of Radiohead since the release of their 4th album “Kid A”, but I wouldn’t be calling Thom Yorke all of these names!

If & when you are intoxicated, here are a few songs I recommend you sing.

Do a mash up of the next 2 songs

I have become (Comfortably Numb) to this world”

If your name is Rachel Gianoli you sing this……….

Please don’t sing this song if I’m within eye sight?

You’ll wake up the next day & someone will tell you “Hey you sang that Chewbakah song last night” you don’t want to know that. You’ll get angry along with your hangover. Right there you have the makings of a bad day! Drink responsibly………………..YOU’RE WELCOME!!!

Disturbed make friends with police officers. LANGUAGE IN THE VIDEO INSIDE THE LINK!!!!!!! When Disturbed comes on the radio, which I rarely listen to, I turn the radio off.

I’ll take the original any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

33 years ago Metallica released their debut album “Kill ’em All”

36 years ago AC/DC released “Back in Black” after the death of original singer Bon Scott

Lamb of God shared it…..

There’s been a lot of “Chevelle” & “Candlebox” being played in this house lately!!!

Jimmy Kimmel in couples counseling with Matt Damon. Hilarious!D

Done, preordered on iTunes!

The Agonist have a new song & there are preorders available for a physical copy, nothing on iTunes yet.

I’ll preorder the rest of the album when possible!

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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