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I’m OK, my aunt in Winnipeg lost her battle with cancer early Monday morning. We got a call from my dad around 7:00 or 8:00 am Sunday that we should be in Winnipeg. We took a ride with my brother & his girlfriend, Mitch & Rachel. They had some things to tend to before we left. Ended up not leaving town until the afternoon. The 6 hour drive took about 9 hours mostly because of construction here and just outside of Winnipeg. That & a quick stop for supper.

We ended up getting to Winnipeg around midnight their time which is 11:00 pm our time. We were staying in a hotel. Early Monday morning we got a call from my father saying that my aunt Dianne had passed away. It didn’t really hit me right away. I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to my mom’s only sister.

We went to the house that morning to be with family that drove from Saskatchewan to be there. I still feel like I should be there for my cousins Megan & Danielle Gagnon, my uncle Richard and my parents. I can’t wave a magic wand & make everything OK but I feel as though I should be there. We got home Monday night, & that’s when it hit me, & right now as I’m typing this. At the time I just felt “numb”.

To my cousins who aren’t even in their 30s & my uncle. I’m here, I can’t “fix you”, I’m sorry how soon this happened, none of us thought it would be this soon, even though we knew it was coming. If you’re going through whatever mood, I’m here to shut up & listen. I’ve never lost a parent, or my wife, but I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.

My aunt wasn’t old, she was 59. She was always happy & positive whenever I saw here. She was always the life of the party. Yes I always remember her funny moments!

I asked for underwear for Christmas in 2011, this what the Gagnon family gave me…

Last night, before we went to bed & now, I’ve completely lost it. I just called my mom & it seems to be worse today for everyone. As for my cousins, I hope they remember that A) I’m here, I’ll listen B) Your mother is always with you, she’s part of who you are, & you’re both fantastic!

As for this blog, I’m not anywhere near the point that I want to write anything more this week, I really don’t feel like doing anything. This will take a backseat until Sunday or Monday.


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

6 responses to “CANCER SUCKS!!!!

  1. So sorry to hear this Chris. My condolences to you and your family. Pass my message to your mom please. Sisters are so special.

  2. Thinking of you today I,m sure you are coping well, Finally spoke with your Mom last nite , They are SO lucky to have her with them, She is WONDERFUL and I am sure it has been Really hard on her too. I am making butter tarts for a friend (in here ) who is having some family event She will pay for them BUT what do I charge ??? Guess I,ll figure it out Are you watching baseball or do you just watch when Blue Jays are playing ? GRAMP even watches once in awhile Sent from my iPad


    • There aren’t any baseball games until Friday this week. The Blue Jays don’t play until Saturday, it’s the All-Star break. I watch just the Blue Jays.

      I’m sure that having mom there helps somewhat.

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