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Friday evening I watched the Blue Jays win against Detroit, Riders lost to Edmonton Eskimos, that was my evening. Kim went to bed after the baseball game. She wanted to watch something else instead of a football game. I told her I could watch the game in our bedroom, but she falls asleep very quick.

Saturday was more of the same, went out in the evening for a few things needed for Sunday & watched a movie on Netflix. Quiet weekend!

Sunday this is our beginning of a few rather busy days, stuff to do & the coputron isn’t one of them! Baseball today, then the all star break for 4 or 5 days. Mid-summer break for baseball players, busy times for Kim & I. I’m fine, just doctor appointments & such.

Videos of the week by www.loudwire.com


As much as I like the “Stitched Up Heart” song, the “Sum 41” video I find to be much better.

An article with Gene Simmons, Kiss bassist, regarding cell phones at concerts.


I say either learn the new age of concert etiquette, or leave your phone in your vehicle. Before every movie in a theater you’re told to turn off your phone. I think any live show should have the same disclaimer before it, concert, movie, musical, play, opera, etc.

Live shared it…

It would be cool to see, drummer Mike Portnoy, return to Dream Theater for a special event!


This & Californication are the only Red Hot Chili Peppers albums I listen to.


From the album Californication

Another article with Mark Tremonti.


Red Hot Chili Pepper mistaken to be Metallica?


There were 2 separate shootings in the USA last week, both by police officers. Before you flip out about the police shooting people, hear me out. This has nothing to do with race. If Americans gave up the right to carry a loaded weapon, or if these victims didn’t have them, there would be little to no reason for police to worry about these situations.

When you hear gun shots, everybody runs away, except the police. What do the police officers do? Run towards the gun shots!

Take guns away from “common people”, this crap might not happen?

The question I usually think of is why wasn’t this on the news so often in the ’80s or anytime before that? Did it not happen as often? If so what the @#&^% happened, why now?

There’s a video on this youtube channel which is not available in my region, a Daily Show with Trevor Noah?


I’ll try to get it on the blog Facebook blog site? The police in Las Vegas admitted in 2011 that there was a problem so they changed the training methods and police shootings have dropped 36%, not perfect, but better.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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