I fell asleep to “Pearl Jam” the album “Pearl Jam” released in 2006.  iTunes says 2003 but I saw them in 2005 & this album was released after I saw them.

I exercised to “Big Wreck” the newest release “Ghosts” wasn’t long enough so I put on the album “Albatross” released in 2012

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There’s quite a bit of stuff on TV regarding O.J. Simpson. I watched the HBO series “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” & the 5 part mini series “O.J. : Made in America”. I think it was the most opportune time for him to allegedly murder his ex-wife & her new boyfriend. N.W.A. & the Rodney King tragedy were all over the news at that time & in the same state. Black people being black people & white people abusing or accusing any person of colour for whatever they wanted to? So of course O.J.’s team of lawyers were going to play the colour/race card. Unfortunately people forgot about the colour red?

It’s long past due that our society allows discrimination for colour, religion, sexuality, or anything else. It’s what’s on the inside that matters………….literally! Anybody that bleeds, bleeds red! The blood DNA was a slam dunk case against retired football star O.J. Simpson. There is no doubt in most peoples minds that he was guilty. His lawyers took the spotlight off of the evidence & put it on black people & all of the senseless racism going on at the time. I was a teenager at the time & even I thought he was guilty. Yes, I am caucasian. Am I racist? No! There’s always at least one bad apple in EVERY group & yes, I’m including caucasians.

Nobody’s perfect so EVERY stereotype is right but with many exceptions, enough to make EVERY stereotype wrong! I don’t care what your skin colour is, your religion or sexuality is! Are you a good person? If so, can we be friends?

It frustrates me that 50% of the time I turn on the TV during a breaking news story that there has been a mass shooting somewhere. It’s not really breaking news if it’s so frequent and continues to become even more frequent?

No I’m not saying Canada is better, we have crime, stereotypes, gangs, etc. Now it seems like every other person is pissed off at a certain group of people because the group is not the same as everyone that person associates with? That would be boring if we were all the same, but it would probably decrease the amount of unwanted violence? Just be you & who cares what anyone thinks of you outside of your circle of friends & family?! If someone chooses to kill or harm another person, the world will more than likely judge them & their actions, not you.

Good grief I’ve written 2 chapters of a novel! On to the music/pop culture portion of this thing.

Megadeth tour

The Led Zeppelin trial continues regarding “Stairway to Heaven”

10 rip-off songs

FANTASTIC! One down, millions to go.

Metallica fans listen up!

Sara of the Canadian pop duo “Tegan and Sara” interviewed

25 pop songs from the ’80s

I actually won 3rd place at a piano recital for playing “Pop Goes the World” when I was quite young in the ’80s!

Rock” music is not dead! It’s just not at the fore front of music right now. “Everything old is new again”. I’m not worried.

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump either but there’s no need to stoop to his level. That won’t solve anything?

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be?

Anthrax in the news. Each time I listen to them, the more I like them! A REALLY good mix of punk & metal! Read the link for the interview.

New music video from Beyonce

This was really good & needed!

Neil Young & Jimmy Fallon

Batman vs. Superman release for purchase on iTunes June 28. Rent on iTunes & DVD/Blu-ray release on July 16th or 19th in Canada? The 19th since it’s a Tuesday for the regular edition. The 16th is for the ultimate edition, I believe.

People going to rock or metal shows always get a pat down before entering the venue. I think this should be done at any type of public event. They even check our bag at football games. I’m fine with that.

Saw them in 2003 in Edmonton got there, was going through my 3rd or 4th pat down for this show, slept & went home the next day I believe. That’s roughly 17-18 hours of driving in 2 days! REALLY, you’re going to pat me down at a Foo Fighters concert? OK, I guess.

Brewster is having some stomach issues. I should go! It’s only Wednesday, & I think the internet died? Facebook is eerily quiet.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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