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Friday afternoon Kim went to Saskatoon with a bunch of friends to see Garth Brooks, the second show of his that night. I guess he didn’t go on stage until 11:30 pm? Kim didn’t get home until 4:15 am, Brewster & I were out cold. I spent Friday evening watching the 3rd Hobbit movie in my dad’s theater room on blu-ray. Dad’s read all 4 of the Lord of the Rings books, I couldn’t get through them, too much detail in them for me. Dad drove Brewster & I home at 11:30 pm I think it was. I watched a bit of TV & went to bed shortly after 1:00 am. Kim didn’t want to go to a metal show on Monday, & I had no interest in seeing a country music show. Fair enough for me.

Saturday was the Saskatchewan Roughriders home exhibition game. The home town Riders lost, half time was exciting though! I don’t think we were 1 minute into half time & the power at the stadium died. About half of the fans went home after half an hour. Dad & I stayed until the end. I think the second half started around or shortly after 10:00 pm. By the end of the 4th quarter it started to rain. There were dark clouds everywhere even before the game started. Small crowed, since it was a pre season game, got smaller when the power went out & even smaller when it started to rain. Good thing I usually have to wait for everyone to leave since I’m slow going down the stairs. Somebody always asks if they can help us? Common response is “No thanks we’re just slow, we’ve got this”! When the power came back at the stadium they played this over the P.A. System, well played Mr. Announcer!

I’ve pretty much seen every home game since my Grandparents could hold me on their lap. Then I got my own season ticket. Next year in the new stadium, I’ll likely go for one season & that will be it for me. A season ticket is roughly $640 now next season in the new stadium will be in the neighborhood of $1000 per season ticket. That’s too much for us, when I can watch the games on TV. Nothing like being in the stadium though. My mother’s retired & I don’t think dad’s far behind aka it will be too much for them also?

Yes, I got the couch again Saturday night. Kim was sleeping with someone else again. Again, I’d rephrase that but it’s true. Dad, Kim, Brewster, Hannah & I were rocking out to the Frozen soundtrack on the way to the game…

Today is baseball day for me, couch, baseball, & air conditioning. I’m FAR behind the game now, it started at 11:00 am, I recorded it and stated it at 12:30 pm,

I completely agree with this! Would you want a rapist on a National swimming team? Remember he’s representing his country, America!


Oh, I hope “Prophets of Rage” make their way into a recording studio!


Another video interview with Mark Tremonti

Bands from the’90s that you may not have known are still around. I’m going to add the Canadian rock group “Econoline Crush” their Facebook page is quite active!


Alter Bridge mixing update…

“From Elvis – Shut the mothership down for the evening… Couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished on this record. 12 mixes done so far … It has exceeded my expectations in every way. That’s what Alter Bridge continue to do … Amazing people and incredible musicians and songwriters, very excited for this one to be released:) honored as always to be on this. !!” That’s 12/14 mixed!!!!!! From the first album below……

Top 90 hard rock & metal albums of the 1990s. Wanna place a bet that “Nevermind” by Nirvana will be number 1?


Gordie Howe remembered by “Barenaked Ladies”. Wayne Gretzky’s favourite player. Mr. Hockey number 9. That why Gretzky wanted 99. Number 9 was Gordie’s number


Obama address’ the shootings at an Orlando gay night club. Maybe let them have guns & tax ammunition ^ raise the price on it, so it’s $65 per bullet? Everybody in the USA with a gun wont let gun laws be changed. Is there a right to own ammunition?



More news about Christina Grimmie being among those killed in the Orlando shooting


22 years old. Shot during a meet & greet signing. Just sad. Thanks NRA you suck in a big way!

Megadeth’s album “Killing is my Business….” was released on this day in 1985


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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