I fell asleep to “The Pretty Reckless” the album “Light Me Up”

I exercised to “Big Wreck” all 4 studio albums on shuffle

^^I broke my nose to that last song at Edgefest, a 1 day outdoor festival in Saskatoon, only bone I’ve ever broken. I’ve cracked ribs & stretched tendons in my right knee while playing baseball, but they’ve healed..

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Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has made error after error, it’s a fact, look it up! Apple stock is on a decline while Microsoft is on an incline. As you know, I don’t like the idea of streaming music, it has it’s pros & cons. The moment we signed up for Apple Music, iTunes doubled multiple files in our iTunes catalogue. Sure it’s cheap, $9.99 I think…I don’t use it, Kim does. Corey McDonald & I were talking about it a few weeks ago. He made a very good point. Saying that we’ll always have access to music, even if Apple Music & other streaming sites cease to exist. True, solid point. I view it differently.

We’ve always been able to purchase our music & be assured that it’s in our possession, now streaming music feels like renting music, to me? Yes, everything I buy music wise is from iTunes now & yes I miss being able to read the liner notes, the lyrics & thank you sections on a physical copy.

Now a country, not sure which one, has declared that burning a CD from iTunes is illegal. Now Apple sells their laptops & iMacs without a CD tray, that seems illegal to me. I haven’t put all of my CDs on my iTunes, what if I had an Apple computer? No CD drive & somewhere around 300 CDs to import? If I wanted them all on iTunes, I’d have to repurchase each album? That would be in the neighborhood of $3000? But I own them now on CD at roughly $25 each! I’ve paid for them once & now I’d have to buy them again? Sure I could go to a streaming site & get them. What if said streaming music site worked like Netflix? Netflix shows aren’t on there for life? They change their catalogue of shows on a monthly basis? So if I attain my music from a streaming site, will it be there forever. Probably & maybe not at the same time.

I also have a few CDs that are now out of print? iTunes doesn’t have them, will a streaming site? This is out of print so I’m glad I bought this on CD when I found out about it in 2001 or 2002?

I also have a few other CDs out of print & not available anywhere. I had bought some newer albums on iTunes by a group Corey got me interested in. He saw them on my iTunes & said they’re not available on Apple Music yet. I don’t want to wait for new music that isn’t available yet on a streaming site yet. I’m not saying streaming music sites are wrong, I’m saying they’re not for me. Guess who is making money on Digital music?………………….the site that provides the music, download, streaming or from a CD store. Vinyl, I have no idea? So the people actually making the product aren’t making money on any sales of their product? That seems wrong to me. It’s legal, but it doesn’t work for me. If I had the physical space, I’d be purchasing CDs or Vinyl records still. An album on iTunes costs $9.99 usually how about splitting that 3 ways? $3.33 for Apple, the label/management and the artist(s), then everyone gets an equal amount as opposed to $0.71 for the band/artist that is signed to a label? $9.99 wont kill me, maybe I’ll have to wait a few weeks because it doesn’t fit into our budget at the moment, at least I know that once I buy it, it will be there forever.

I can’t be the only person with computer access that thinks this way? Apple isn’t keeping iTunes available for just me.

In the end it doesn’t really matter how you get your music. The musicians of today are making far less than they would have 8 years ago, thank you Napster for nothing! Really, financially nothing!

Kim was going to get me a “Fit Bit” for my birthday earlier this year. I can count the sets of my workout & keep track of what I’m doing. When we go walking, she puts on her GPS on her phone. Nice gesture, but I can count.

10 best American metal bands………… the eyes of those at

I don’t think I’d just slap the metal label on Tool? I do like Lamb of God though!

Alter Bridge dedicate this song to the troops!!! Thank you!

From what I’ve heard Alter Bridge is set to release their 5th studio album in September. Depending if it’s early or late in September, a preorder should be available in July or August possibly. For those who don’t know Alter Bridge is made from the guitarist, original bassist, & drummer from Creed. The singer is the difference. Creed had a baritone singer, Scott Stapp. Alter Bridge has a tenor singer, Myles Kennedy. Every studio album has surpassed the previous album, for me.

Maya Rudolph & Martin Short in a variety show. It starts tonight, & I’ve got the series recording. Seems like it will be a funny show. I really like them individually! Theme song inside the link.

Here is a festival line up I’d attend in the USA if my passport hadn’t expired.

I’ve been a fan of Foo Fighters since ’97 when their 2nd album was released. Big Wreck is right up there with them since I was able to see them live in ’99 when I was 19 & of age to get inside a bar. I think now I should add Tool & Alter Bridge to the top of my favourite groups. If The Watchmen were still recording new music they’d be a very close 2nd to that group along with many others, for me.

Prophets of Rage announce line up & first show!!!!!!

This 2nd album from progressive metal group, Third Ion, sounds like it will far surpass the success of the first album.

Glastonbury festival line up & Stage times announced

Other than Muse, Adele, Coldplay, & The 1975, I wouldn’t attend this festival if I could.


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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