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Adele album ’25’ tops sales of her album ’21’



How many deaths by musicians overdosing on drugs will it take before somebody finally stands up & says “Hey, it’s illegal & it could easily kill me?”



Halestorm shared it…If you like Halestorm they recommended “The Pretty Reckless”. They have 2 albums on iTunes. I prefer the 2nd album & rarely listen to the 1st album. So you might want to check out “Going to Hell” which is their 2nd album?


That’s great but Foo Fighters didn’t really have a hiatus. They were “The Sound City Players” backing the big name musicians for the documentary made by Dave Grohl.



Article with Mark Morton from “Lamb of God”



The Scott Weiland tragedy that just wont go away.



New “Walk off the Earth” video.


2016 release dates in hard rock/metal. I have one on preorder & the “Dream Theater” album will be another that I’ll likely grab.


I didn’t even realize the “Dream Theater” album was available for preorder already?


10 albums on this list of releases for 2016 ½ of the list!



Iron Maiden’s Christmas cheer



Somebody else’ top 10 rock albums of 2015. I’d like to now what were YOUR favourite albums of the 2015 were. Rock, pop, rap, country, EDM, etc. Whatever kind of music that floated your boat in 2015. Feedback is always welcome. From this list, I’d have to go with “Finger Eleven”.



Halestorm shared it…..


This is the problem with the music industry at the moment. Now you not only have to be talented, which is no longer what music labels look at necessarily, you have to be rich, before you get a shot to be famous. If you don’t have the money, it’s likely going to be a long uphill battle if you want to be a musician.



Ugly rock/metal holiday sweaters



Full metal rock on twitter top 5 albums



For those using streaming services, The Beatles will be available as of December 24th 2015.



Corey Taylor (Stone Sour/Slipknot) article with Rolling Stone. It’s more of a rant!



Pitcher Marcus Stroman on his former team mate David Price.



The Toronto Blue Jays have a new President who hired a new General Manager. They worked together for many seasons in Cleveland for the Cleveland Indians both in the same roles. Yes, Cleveland has been a very mediocre team the last X number of years. If you look at the attendance of Cleveland or their win-loss numbers, both the new President, Mark Shapiro, & GM, Ross Atkins, have terrible resume’s. Mark Shapiro should hold a press conference so the fans get to know him & what he’s going to do with Canada’s baseball team? Right now the majority of Blue Jays fans are throwing him under the bus. Why not wait & see what happens in 2016? If the Jays don’t make the playoffs, then judge him. They had more revenue last season than ever before. Money should not be an issue, the budget is set at the same amount it was last year $145,000,000. If more money is needed, it shouldn’t be a problem. Mark Shapiro is being painted as a villain at the moment, give him a year THEN whine & complain if you want to? If the team doesn’t make the playoffs, don’t buy the merchandise, don’t watch the games, & don’t go to the games. He’ll be on a very short leash. I’m guessing 3 years at most if the owner doesn’t see any improvement. It’s December 23rd at the moment & we’re talking about baseball, that’s a good sign for the city & organization. I feel sorry for Bob McCown every Monday & Friday when he takes calls that are 95% irate Blue Jay fans asking questions he doesn’t have the answers to. Sit back, keep quiet, & wait to see what happens? It’s a transition period for Mark Shapiro & Ross Atkins, at least give them a full season instead of a 2 month off season?


Completely different topic. My father & his co-workers all (8?) an Apple Watch from their employer as their Christmas gift. That’s awesome, that’s great! My dad works at a home theater/technology installer place. He designs whatever is being installed, does the estimate & sends out the installers with all of the info to install the speakers, TV(s), security system, network, USB outlets, etc.


They sell HUGE TVs like 84 inch curved HD TVs, yet every mobile device is getting smaller? There were laptops, tablets/iPads, iPad air, iPhones 1-6, Google glasses, & now a ½ screen on your wrist that you squint at to see & now you say to yourself “Ooooh, I got an email! I’ll have to check it on a larger device”. I’m not discounting the Apple Watch, I’m sure it has it’s pros & cons, but now you have a watch that will let you know you’ve received an email, facebook PM, a tweet, text, instagram, linkedin, etc. but it’s really small, so you’ll have to check it out on a larger screen? Pros & cons for all of these advancements in technology. Maybe it’s because I have one eye, but that watch screen is tiny? Weird?


Halestorm shared it on facebook. I REALLY like this band!


Ah, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on re-gifting!!!


Our previous drummer, Todd, now doing videos, as always on www.youtube.com . FYI, he’s HILARIOUS!


Will this idea save “Columbia House” or kill it?



Surprise! I have another question for whoever is reading this. Does cover artwork really matter in the case of digital music? I like having a tangible product like a CD in my hand, but I’m out of physical space for it. I now get almost all of my music from iTunes. The only time I see the artwork is when I purchase the album & before my screen saver kicks in on my TV after 1 ½ songs? If I’m listening to my iPod, I rarely look at the artwork. Into my pocket or beside me on the bed it goes. How much does the artwork on an album matter to you in this digital era of music? Artwork is likely a reason I became a printing press operator. At the end of a shift I could hold a piece of paper & say “Hey, I helped in the making of this product!”.





Guns n’ Roses & Metallica tour in 1992. Things you my not have known about it.



Extreme metal albums. I listen to the number 1 album occasionally.


These are from an Extreme metal album……………………..


Article with Mark Tremonti. April we’ll likely have a new “Tremonti” album, followed by a new “Alter Bridge” album. I can’t wait for you 2016!



Florence & The Machine cover The Beatles in Paris.


I guess all of this Guns n’ Roses reunion talk could likely be true. They can do their thing, pretend it’s 1987 & I’ll be way over here in 2016 when it happens. I was so happy when the home town Roughriders started playing a song from 2013 instead of 1987’s “Welcome to the Jungle” at kickoff!! I’m likely the odd one on this though.



Bono & friends busk in Dublin



The Beatles top streaming song on Spotify after 3 days on the service



Nazareth faked using bagpipes. “Where did the guitar player go?” “Backstage to play with an effect while the lead singer can fake that he’s playing the bagpipes”. I could see him at Buffalo Days, good thing the show was free with a $10 day pass!



“Star Wars” breaks a billion dollars in 12 days



Adele’s album ’25’ is moving like “Star Wars” at the box office!!!!!!



The BIG sports story of 2015. 22 years with no playoff games. Yeah, but baseball sucks. “Oh, there’s a bandwagon, where do I jump on?” I’ve been watching the Blue Jays since 1990, that’s when I jumped on & stayed on. ALL bandwagon jumpers are more than welcome!



Top 10 albums of 2015 by another individual. I guess I should check out the new Marilyn Manson album, it seems to be on everybody else’ list?


Not an album for me, but here’s the most popular song on the album.


I just got into Linkin Park on their last album. This stalker talk is news to me.



Lamb of God shared it…..


Halestorm shared it……


If it happens or if not, I wont be there. For those hoping it will happen, here you go……



Lemmy Kilmister, singer of Motorhead, has died at the age of 70. December 28th 2015.




Live shared it…….new singer than Ed……….


Rock It Out Blog/Consequence of Sounds’ most anticipated albums of 2016




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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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