Today’s workout was brought to you by “Jimmy Eat World” the album “Bleed American” their 3rd studio album.


Everything is still brown waiting for the snow to fall. It just doesn’t quite feel right. It feels more like a very nice halloween. I want snow. I even turned off our heater, I think it kicked in once, because it has never been below room temperature here, it’s usually 25 Celsius, 77 Fahrenheit. I try to get my workout done as early as possible, after I finish a black coffee, a fruit & vegetable drink that I make & leave in the fridge, along with some water. Most of the time Brewster sleeps through it, today he didn’t. I’m on the floor to do 2 sets of 25 push ups this morning the entire time with a dog licking or biting my right hand? He must have slept well last night? When Kim left for work this morning, Brewster just wanted to play/wrestle as soon as the door closed. He only cuddles with Kim & I’m the one he likes to play with. We have our roles, he’s trained us well!


Insulin users! Research may lead to not poking yourself with needles anymore!


21 years ago Sunday ‘Pearl Jam’ released “Vitalogy”


Interview with singer,Vicky Psarakis, of “The Agonist”


Lemmy Kilmister of “Motorhead” wont give into the aging process


Patti Smith joins U2 onstage in Paris!


Full list of winners at the 2015 awards.

It’s a popularity contest. I don’t agree with anything on the list, I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion about the list!


20 greatest metal riffs of all time? It’s a pretty good list, I was in the dark as to who & what the riffs were until I saw Alice Cooper at number 15 or 16?


“Highly Suspect” has been nominated for 2 Grammy Awards. Best Rock Album & Best Rock Song. I don’t know which song but this is one of three without language in it.


I guess “Rush” drummer, Neil Peart, is now retired. Fair enough he’s been in Rush since before they released their 1st album in 1974.


Pentatonix are nominated for a Grammy as well. For this song….


All of the Grammy nominees here


REALLY?????????????? In the same category as Foo Fighters???????????????


Different strokes for different folks I guess? I’m biased as well, that doesn’t help either.


I don’t have a child, but the majority of my friends do.


Megadeth’s 2016 tour





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Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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