It’s like watching a car collision. You don’t want to watch but you can’t take your eyes off of it. It’s late Sunday afternoon, CNN has been on pretty much the entire day. (There’s nothing else on, unless you’re a fan of the NFL). With all of this crap going on in the world, I predict I’ll die at the hands of a terrorist. Almost everyone wants world peace, but I think we’re all looking at a possibility of WWIII? Either way I’ll go about my life the same way & I would encourage others to do the same!

Watching the AMAs last night made me feel old & out of touch. I’ve heard 2 Demi Lovato songs now. I’m sure some of the audience at the AMAs were wondering “Who’s Alanis Morrisette & why is she singing with Demi Lovato?” I was the total opposite “What is Demi Lovato famous for & why is she singing with Alanis Morrisette?” I wasn’t a fan of that album when I was 15 & 20 years later has not changed my opinion. In 1995 though Alanis was EVERYWHERE!

I was watching the AMAs for one reason. More “Star Wars” footage & Pentatonix. They got me! I watched the entire show to see what I wanted to see. Well played AMAs, well played!

What I think is pretty cool right now is, call in radio shows in Toronto have 99.9% of the callers still talking about the Blue Jays & how next year they could remain a strong contender for a World Series championship!

Every fan has their own idea of what they’d do. So I’ll throw my hat in that ring too! I would trade knuckle ball pitcher R.A. Dickey, his catcher Josh Thole & whoever is being named the 5th outfielder for a decent starting pitcher. I have nothing against any of these people just that a knuckle ball is extremely unpredictable & difficult to catch. I’d also trade newly acquired short stop Troy Tulowitzki for cash or a pitcher & put the young impressive fielder Ryan Goins at short stop. That should free up 17-18 million dollars. Then I’d have to chose between right fielder Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion who plays DH or first base. Currently they have 3 first basemen. I’d trade Edwin for a number 1 or number 2 starting pitcher, or trade him at deadline if David Price signs. Both Bautista & Encarnacion are free agents at the end of the 2016 & I assume the Blue Jays can’t afford both of them & a few pitchers. I look at it as at the moment they have 3 starting pitchers. 26 year old Marcus Stroman who could be your number 1 or number 2 pitcher, Aaron Sanchez, & Marcus Estrada who has sign on for 2 more years with Toronto. 3B Josh Donaldson will be going to arbitration soon & will likely be offered $12,000,000 a year. If pitcher David Price signs, it will likely be a minimum of 7-9 years at a minimum of $25,000,000 a year if they’re lucky. Baseball is a game of numbers on & off the field. That’s what I’d do, but I’m nothing more than a fan who played & never reached the height of their success. Heck I never made it out of the B league in Regina! If David Price wants to stay, throw as much money at him as possible! Rogers is a multi billion dollar company. I don’t know the budget, & who knows if it will ever be public?


The countdown on Foo Fighters’ website finished last night (Sunday night). Now a letter from Dave Grohl & a 5 song EP for free on 5 different types of music sites! Each link is on their website! What they ask of you is to please donate to a charity for those affected by the attacks in Paris!


Sorry, I wrote this Sunday & a little on Monday. I had a doctors appointment Monday morning just to get some refills for my pills, then spent the day/evening at my parents place. That’s the reason for no blog yesterday. On the bright side my family doctor said my CT-Scan looked good! One more appointment to go this year, then nothing until October or November of next year.


Today is my parents 37th wedding anniversary as well! Congratulations Mom & Dad! They actually started dating in “grade 9” at the same high school my brother & I went to!


Now I want to hear “Throwing Copper” by Live.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Hahahahahaha! LANGUAGE!! The show is on HBO.


Win a “Hello Kitty” drum kit played by Mike Portnoy formerly of “Dream Theater”


The Muppets parody Adele!


Bruce Springsteen anyone! New song sounds like classic Bruce!!


Finger Eleven’s “Gods of Speed” is number 1 on the CBC rock charts


Yes, Pentatonix have added 5 songs to their Christmas album. This is one of them.


Adele on SNL. Song inside the link, isolated vocals.


Progress report from Tool & a new song inside the link. No album announcement yet.


President Obama is a guest on the new “Coldplay” album?


Ian Thornley on instagram


Justin Bieber’s song “What do you Mean?” by Walk off the Earth


Difficulty for global touring acts


The story behind David Bowie’s new album “Blackstar”


The movie “Creed” vs. the band “Creed” confusing if you’re tagging one of them on social media?


Scott Stapp (Creed singer) reviews the movie “Creed”


Monday’s Rock It Out Blog. I almost always turn to music to cope with a situation. Even after my grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 1999. I went to my room in the basement after the funeral & listened to the “Blue Green Orange” album by I Mother Earth through headphones.


I can’t get into “Five Finger Death Punch”. My brother bought 2 of their CDs when they were here opening for “Korn”


Rob Zombie’s new horror film. He directs as well as being a singer. Smart guy!


Article with Lemmy of Motorhead on terrorist attacks.


Anthony Vincent covers Adele’s “Hello” in 25 styles


Songs I like, “The Trews” I have their first 2 albums on CD. The 2nd one was underwhelming. After Kim & I first saw them, I saw them twice & the live show just didn’t live up to the first time we saw them opening for “Big Sugar”.


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


Chris “Be kind to one another”-Ellen Degeneres

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