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Tuesday’s Rock It Out Blog


Interview with “Clutch” singer Neil Fallon


Great! Maynard’s releasing new material with “Puscifer” yet no new material from “Tool” since 2006. “Tool” is known for taking around 4-6 years to create an album, but this is getting ridonculous! In all fairness to Maynard, he says he doesn’t write lyrics until he has the music.


Don’t get me wrong here I love “Muse” but I think they should focus more on finishing the current tour & heading back into the studio. My expectations were EXTREMELY high for this album.


I don’t know much about “Bruce Springsteen” growing up, my father was a BIG fan of the “Born in the USA album. I like it too. Now “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band” will be the musical guest on SNL for their Christmas show.


“Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats” different song inside the link!


50 alternative albums you NEED to own on vinyl? I have some of them on CD, some I have no desire to hear, & some I’ve never heard of. A few of them have the potential to be absolute classic albums for me!


“Finger Eleven” article

The more I listen to the new albums from “Finger Eleven”, “Trivium”, & “Lamb of God”, I tend to like them more each time & they started off being REALLY good!


Here’s a festival line up for next summer I assume in the USA. Nothing on the list I’d be heartbroken if I missed it.


I enjoy some Christmas music. Too early for me though. No snow on the ground yet. I think you can find this on one of “Pentatonix” Deluxe Christmas albums. They just added it.


“Eagles of Death Metal” on their show in Paris during the attacks


20 terrible debut albums by great artists

I’d have to add “Muse’s” Showbiz album to that list.


I think I’d buy this album & never listen to it. Justin Bieber seems to have grown up (I don’t blame him for any “mistakes” he’s made, he grew up in the public eye) if I had grown up being that famous my screw ups would be magnified too. One of his songs that I’ve heard seems OK.


Loving the solo album by Ian Fletcher Thornley also!!!


Fair enough. Wait……..who? Never heard of them?


Still 4+ days on Foo Fighters countdown clock. Album announcement? They said they had recorded 5 songs on tour I Austin. It’s gotta be that or Dave’s planning on breaking his other leg again?


Songs I like, “The Tragically Hip” I rarely listen to them. They’re a large piece of being Canadian. I have 4 of their albums on CD.


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