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Today’s workout was brought to you by “Queens of the Stone Age” on shuffle. Everything but the Greatest Hits album & ‘Era Vulgaris’

Yes, I saw “Finger Eleven” at The Pump Roadhouse. More cash to see a band in a bar than anyone should ever pay RIDICULOUS! I’ve seen probably 4 or 5 live shows at The Pump. It’s likely not the best live venue in town. Site lines to the stage aren’t very good if you’re seated at a table. Even if you’re standing near the middle or back of the crowd it’s not that great. I didn’t really “see” Finger Eleven last night, I heard them. I sort of expected not to be able to see them, so that really wasn’t a big deal. They did start their set with a bang and a bit of Pink Floyd near the end. The first time I saw Finger Eleven, they were opening for I Mother Earth on the “Blue Green Orange” tour in either late ’99 or early 2000

I solidified my reason for not listening to any local radio station. Before the show Regina’s rock station was playing a ton of post-grunge rock & all of it was terrible for me anyways. I did hear/see one video that was good though, before the show started on time @7 like the tickets said. Only an hour & a half late? ( 8:30 )

Little bit of this near the end!

We heard 2 great songs from their first album as well

I’d like to know if anybody at the show last night had a clue that Finger Eleven “Walking in my Shoes” from their 2nd album, is a Depeche Mode song?

Too bad my brother had to miss seeing his favourite band live due to work training. Sorry Mitch, you missed a good one.

There were 3 bands in total, each played a cover song. The first band played a snippet of a Led Zeppelin song that I can’t remember. He 2nd band played “Come Together” as my dad said in the car after, “I wonder if anyone in the crowd knew that was a cover?”

I guess Canadian punk rockers “GOB” are back? I saw their video on screen while waiting for the show to start. Now they sound like that generic post-grunge music, completely different than their early 2000s & late ’90s sound….

This video was on one of the TVs last night too. Took me back to 2000

Actual video


I wasn’t a fan of GOB, but it’s sad to hear a band completely change their sound in order to survive in the music business today? It could also be that their new sound is what they want to do now?

Toronto Blue Jays won yesterday so it’s back to Kansas City for game 6 of the ALCS

Unfortunately for the Chicago Cubs “Back to the Future” got it wrong. They lost last night in an elimination game against the New York Mets. The Cubs will not win the or even play in the World Series as predicted in Back to The Future. Nice run sorry it’s over Cub fans.

Bruce Willis is all in for “Die Hard” prequel!


2 things happened on this day in 2002. It was the first birthday for Kim that I was a part of, we started dating in April of 2002. Foo Fighters released their 4th album “One by One” on the same day. I bought copies immediately after class at SIAST. 1 for Kim & 1 for me, yes, I got her something else as well.

More “Star Wars” news. If Kevin Smith is involved in writing, directing &/or acting in a movie, I’m in. Is “Luke Skywalker” turning to the “Dark Side”?



I think Dave Mustaine, of Megadeth, is in a bad mood? LANGUAGE!!!!!!!


25 essential Pearl Jam moments


In the summer of 1998 I worked with a plumbing company out of Moose Jaw, installing duct work & AC in an Extendicare in Regina. Every morning we’d start at 6:00 before it was too hot in the attic. I’d pull up to work blasting Pearl Jam’s album “Yield”

Stuff like this makes me wonder how those people got their job & how they can forget about it & live with themselves?


I’m really enjoying the new “Pentatonix” album


Alter Bridge’s ‘Blackbird’ has been voted to have the best guitar solo of all time? I like Alter Bridge, but this is laughable! It’s not the first time I’ve heard this either! I heard another outfit had declared the same thing in 2010?


Nobody thought about this or any other famous solos?

Phillip Anselmo’s other projects outside of ‘Pantera’ just seem wrong & not as appealing to me. LANGUAGE!!!!


Songs I like, “Stone Temple Pilots” they announced in January that they were “…95% done recording the new album..” with Chester Bennington of “Linkin Park” on vocals. They’re touring, yet no release date for the album?

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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