Today’s workout was brought to you by the letter “C”, as in the new “Clutch” album ‘Psychic Warfare’. Didn’t get to focus on the music much since I was exercising. What I heard was good for me anyways.

Which Championship would be the most difficult to win? I’d say a league with a TON of teams. Not the CFL with 9 teams. MLB, NHL. NBA, NFL, The Masters, MLS, The Olympics to name a few. I watch the CFL and the Blue Jays games. The CFL is quite boring for me this year after a boring year last year. I used to watch all 4 games every week, now I just watch the Roughriders to see who will beat them by how much. I watch as much Blue Jays baseball as possible. Kim hates it, as do most people. I really don’t like watching Blue Jays in :30, I like watching the entire 3 hour game. Hockey I watch very little to none of unless Montreal is in the playoffs, that’s my team followed closely by the Edmonton Oilers. If my parents & I get the cold shoulder for our Saskatchewan Roughrider season tickets in the new stadium in 2017, I’m likely to get rid of them, but we’ll see what the future holds? Not having to pay for season tickets would save us a TON of cash, & I wouldn’t be subjected to rain, wind or an awkward sun burn.

I have to mention this. I was watching the news last night & the mass shooting spree in Oregon is the 41st shooting this year on school grounds. I feel for the families & friends of the victims always, but I’m becoming a bit numb when I hear of this type of occurrence in the USA. It’s just more redundant than it needs to be! For me it’s kind of like “Ah, I’ll wait a month for something like this to happen again in the USA” Now I’m saying give up the guns USA. Everybody who wants one has one, & that isn’t helping ANYONE in ANY WAY! How many times does this type of thing have to happen for someone, anyone to take a stand on this issue? It will take more than one person though. Maybe a crowd of protesters marching to the White House against guns & the current laws on them? The whole topic is spiraling out of control already. 41 TIMES ON SCHOOL PROPERTY THIS YEAR & it’s only October 1st when this took place. If I was a student in the USA & on the brink of getting a scholarship, I wouldn’t want it for free tuition. I’d ask whoever the scholarship is from if I could have a bullet proof vest & guarantee that I’ll be alive to graduate? 264th shooting this year in America. Makes me want to grab every American gun owner & shake them until they wake up?!

Maynard James Keenan biography coming next fall! But still no word on an album release from “Tool”? Might as well round it up to a decade at this point? Nothing since 2006!?


10 best replacement singer by www.loudwire.com


I grabbed 3 albums last night yet to listen to 2 of them I can tell you the new Trivium album “Silence in the Snow” is really good. I fall asleep to metal music, weird I know. If you liked anything from “Shogun” on you’ll enjoy this album. Even the title track was written during the studio session for “Shogun”. I also got the new Clutch “Psychic Warfare” & the new Sevendust “Kill the Flaw”

I always prefer having a physical version like a CD in my hands. I no longer have the physical space for that. Maybe I end up spending more money through buying music on iTunes rather than getting it from a streaming site, but I know in the end I’ve paid for the album & it’s mine. CDs have dropped in price to try & keep pace with iTunes. I could buy the album on CD for the same price. iTunes is just really easy. I bought 3 albums & put them on my iPod at 11:00pm last night. CD & vinyl stores were closed at that time. So I sat here & the albums I wanted came to me, now that’s very convenient. However you get your music is your choice. I like digital music personally it isn’t scratched, so it shouldn’t skip & it goes into my pocket with 1000+ albums already there, & it’s already connected to our home stereo. Also I can take it to our vehicle & either plug in a USB cord or listen to it through my headphones so as not to bother Kim on a long trip. It’s your choice as to how you get your music, but for me I’m all for digital music.

With all of these “free” streaming sites for music, the stores will either collapse completely or have to adjust to surviving in a different way, rent CDs maybe or pay a monthly fee to go in & get the albums you want? I think the vendors will likely close their doors & shut down. Which will be sad to see. “Let’s boost the economy, but make everything free or significantly cheaper.” Music is free but gas is on the rise?

Rage Against The Machine might not be done?

http://www.nme.com/news/rage-against-the-machine–2/88742?utm_campaign=nme-2-oct-2015-02-10-2015&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter LANGUAGE MAYBE! IT’S HARD TO FIND A SONG BY THEM WITHOUT LANGUAGE.

Adele mash up with Queens of the Stone Age? It’s just weird?


Ryan Adams interview after performing a Taylor Swift cover.


Don’t ask me why, but I still like the pop album from Taylor Swift. I find it to be a well crafted pop album.

10 things you didn’t know about Oasis’ 1996 album “What’s the Story (Morning Glory)”


This story is getting old. How long are gun owners going to allow this type of thing happen every month? Even The President looks defeated.


15 years ago Radiohead released “Kid A” an album of just random noise. 15 years ago I listened to “Kid A” twice & all but gave up on the band.


First 3 albums for me & that is all.

I love Muse but “Drones” was a big let down, so was their first album “Showbiz”. I really like “Absolution” & “Black Holes & Revelations”. The music on “Drones” I like but the lyrics were fairly boring. I guess they get a pass for 2/7 studio albums.

Surprise, TONS of other front men have issues with Axl Rose


1987 my brother was born & Guns n’ Roses released their debut album, I’m not a fan of Guns n’ Roses. That’s a TON of stress for me as a 7 year old! Bahahahaha!

Megadeth album release date is January 22nd 2016. Titled “Dystopia”

Ian Fletcher Thornley’s solo album is available for preorder on iTunes today. Full album release on October 30th.

Want to be in a “Pentatonix” video? Check out their Facebook page for details. Album release is October 16th

Preorder “Megadeth’s” ‘Dystopia’ album on iTunes for full release January 22nd 2016 & get this song immediately….


Songs I like. “Rush” I know a TON of people have issues with Geddy Lee’s voice, but I do like their stuff from 1985 on.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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