Today’s workout was brought to you by the letter “S”, as in Sevendust on shuffle.

I got a phone call yesterday from the Canadian Cancer Agency, from the doctor who’s had my case/file the entire time as far as I know. She called me in the afternoon, I was nervous at first, I thought maybe she saw something suspicious on my CT scan from last year. She was just calling to see if I’d approve of her writing a paper, without names, about my cancer success? Of course she can share my story with anyone. If my story, how they treated/cured my cancer, can help ANYONE that would be great!

It’s nearing the end of the year, which means another CT scan & another meeting with her afterwards. I was lucky, I got a 2nd chance at life & I screwed it up immediately (sort of) by being the biggest moron to ever walk the earth, without physically harming anyone. I wasn’t even supposed to come out of a coma in 2008, but I’m here! Sure I have an eye patch & I’m in a wheelchair, but I’m alive! All of the MRIs & radiation were very scary for me. I’m EXTREMELY claustrophobic MRI scans I was terrified of being pushed into that tiny cylinder. Radiation was scary too. A very tight mask over my face, so tight it was crushing my nose each time “Don’t move at all please” they’d tell me. I thought to myself each time “I can’t move because of this mask on me.” Chemo therapy didn’t bother me, I was asleep 23 hours a day for pretty much a year, maybe more?

Poor Kim, there wasn’t a lot of conversation between us in 2008, while she was with me all day every day. It was as if we were both in the hospital together? She’s AWESOME!! I’m very lucky that she chose me to spend the rest of her life with!

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO AWESOME. Don’t think you’re the only one I attacked, there are many & I’m sorry.

The Toronto Blue Jays clinched the American League East, in a 15-2 win in the first game of a doubleheader! Now the race to win the entire American League from the Kansas City Royals. To put this in perspective, I’m 35 years old & I’ve waited for them to make it to the playoffs since they won the World Series when I was 13!

‘Sevendust’ streams new album before it’s release. This album also comes out on Friday, October 2nd 2015. I have not preordered it, but will likely get it later on.

5 questions with Zakk Wylde

I’ll try not to get my hopes up for Muse’s next album.

This is MUCH closer to what I was expecting from them….

I guess Nicki Minaj will star in a TV show based on her life. I JUST REPORT THE NEWS, DON’T HURT ME!!!!

They’re just good! If the next “Royal Blood” album is half as good as the current album, I’ll be overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barenaked Ladies live! Not the same without Steven Page singing with Ed Robertson.

I just can’t get into “Mastodon”? Their last album I don’t find it to be as unlikeable as their previous albums. I don’t listen to it much though.

Muse” fans in Hong Kong rock out to uncensored Muse. I’m assuming LANGUAGE!!! Audio/video link inside of the link. “Muse” is on my bucket list to see live.

19 years ago Tool released “Aenima”

Fall Out Boy & Paramore on tour together! I really like “Paramore” & Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock & Roll” album, which is more of a pop album to me

Anyone a fan of “The Dead Weather”? I’ve never heard of them before? Rock It Out Blog review below.

Phil Anselmo is always trying to form an “Extreme metal” band, he was close with “Down” but there will never be another ‘Pantera’

Jimmy Fallon’s black Simon & Garfunkel sing “Can’t Feel My Face”

I will never understand why music is a competition? I’m guessing every other person will choose differently than I or the person before them? I’ll take Alter Bridge over Guns n’ Roses any day. Slash is great at what he does, I’m just not a fan of his.

John Oliver interview with Stephen Colbert about Donald Trump. LANGUAGE!!!! It’s censored for TV though.–t-20151001

I’m waiting for a few release dates, Tool, Megadeth, Into Eternity, & Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington of ‘Linkin Park’ taking over the roll of singer Scott Weiland. In January they shared a video from inside the studio saying they were 95% done the recording process? I’m guessing they’re waiting for the Holiday season? Maybe a late November release or a mid-December release? With the “Lamb of God” album done & released, with a future tour with “Lamb of God” & “Megadeth” announced I would think there would be a release date soon for “Megadeth’s” new album. I’m guessing the countdown clock on their website is for a release date? Megadeth tour announced beginning October 5th in Beijing, but no album release date yet.

Top selling vinyl albums so far this year!

Royal Blood’s” touring bus was a writing den for the 2 of them.

The Agonist shared it, so here it is….

The “Megadeth” album has title “Fatal Illusion”. No release date, but here’s a teaser from their website

Songs I like. “Royal Blood” It was like a cherry on top of a HUGE sundae to see them open for Foo Fighters in August!

Death from Above 1979 gets compared to these guys just because both are 2 member bands. Each has a bass player & drummer. I like Death From Above 1979, if I had to choose between the 2 it would be Royal Blood in a heart beat.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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