I could see this song getting old fast, for the time being though I like it.

Chris Cornell’s 4th solo album song on Jimmy Fallon.


I didn’t see that coming from Slayer guitarist Kerry King? I thought he’d ask “Hey what key is this song in?”


Kim showed me this Saturday morning, very well done! Taylor Swift parody on the 2015 Blue Jays.

What makes me very nervous about the 2015 Blue Jays is that they rely on the home runs too much. When they hit 3+ home runs/game there’s a really good chance they’ll win the game. They had 2 home runs on Saturday in a losing effort. There’s likely a statistic I could look up to prove or disprove my theory but I’m to lazy to look it up. No I’m not a person who has just jumped on the Blue Jays’ band wagon, I’ve been a devoted fan since I was 11 in 1991.

I was already in “Little League” from the age of 4 in 1984. My parents took me to 1 T-Ball practice & 1 game then I think I demanded to be put in real baseball. I think I skipped T-Ball & went straight to “baseball” where we used pitching machines & a player to play defense as a pitcher next to the machine. Baseball was my sport, that was my hobby. I even had Blue Jays’ comics as a kid. I played from 1984 to my final season in 1997. By 1996 I couldn’t hit any side of any barn if I was locked inside of it. I’d go to a game & the line up always said “Fraser hitting 9th playing 3B”. I totally separated those parts of the game. I was a decent fielder but I was also a guaranteed strike out at the plate.

10 painful onstage head blows


10 years ago “Disturbed” released ‘Ten Thousand Fists’. 10 years ago I listened to a copy of this album & decided to not keep up with “Disturbed”. The only song that sounded OK to me, was a cover.


I’m not a fan of streaming music at all. I know a person who has not paid a cent for digital music for a long time. Now that person has become a CD purchaser, pretty much the same price a buying it on iTunes. More & more people/fans are being forgotten with the ever changing music industry at the moment & reverting to CDs or vinyl albums. I pre-order albums from iTunes, around 10:00pm the night before the release date I get the album at 12:00am Eastern time. The next day I look on my iTunes & have to delete random duplicates of songs from that recently purchased music. I prefer having the album booklet with the photos, lyrics & thank yous from the artist or group. Digital music is fine with me, but all of these streaming sites are exactly the same as Serious XM, you pay a monthly fee to have a radio station play your songs? I find it odd? I buy an album from iTunes, I wake up at the end of the month & I don’t have to pay anyone to hear the music I bough 2 weeks ago. It’s mine, I bought it, I own it. I didn’t “rent” it from a streaming site.


Chris Adler (Lamb of God drummer) on how he got to record with “Megadeth”

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for quite a while, this version.

Songwriter interview/article with Mark Tremonti



Into Eternity shared it……

Songs I like, “Queens of the Stone Age” 3rd album, but the first one I bought because I heard Dave Grohl was playing drums on it. 7 albums in total including a live Greatest Hits. The 5th album with “Sick, sick, sick” is by far my least favourite album of theirs

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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