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Give the site a moment to load all of the links. It takes a bit for my computer & it crashes on Kim’s cell.

I was up early today. Kim had to take Brewster to the groomer’s to be there by 7:00am. I was awake when they left, I didn’t want to be, but I had to pee! Better in the toilet than in the bed.

Audioslave reunion?

Rock Band 4 video game to include “Disturbed”, “Halestorm”, & “System of a Down”

A change for the better I’m sure most would say.

“Lamb of God” album review

What am I listening to at the moment? EVERYTHING!

These guys will be at “The Exchange” in October, only problem is that it’s a Thursday. I need my beauty sleep.

Any one of the last 2 or 1st 3 Foo Fighters albums.

This is why Kim gives me a monthly allowance for iTunes?!

Muse, Fall Out Boy, & Smashing Pumpkins were a little disappointing for me. Good albums, but not what I was expecting. I should lower my expectations, then I wouldn’t be disappointed very often! BAZINGA!!!

So I guess “Korn” are still around, & have a new album coming out soon.

Foo Fighters million dollar demo cassette leaked online

Demo version then the actual album recorded in Dave Grohl’s basement in Virginia

I guess “Lamb of God” has many big name fans

In Flames guitarist interview/article

The Muppets return to TV in the fall on ABC

New Alice Cooper album with big name guests!!

Real life “Footloose” in L.A.???? Possible ban on dancing?

Weird, but “I Can’t Dance”, nor do I ”…drink in L.A……”

Terrible ’90s song that would be a big hit for them.

“Footloose” was my favourite movie as a kid, then it was “Top Gun”, then I saw “Return of the Jedi”/grew up somewhat. There is a “Top Gun 2” in the works. Wouldn’t it be awesome if “Goose” came back as a hologram? Little “Top Gun” mixed with “Star Wars” sometimes I amaze myself! LET’S DO A MOVIE MASH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim picked up Brewster today over her lunch break. He loves going to the groomer’s. 6:45am Kim says to him “Should we go see Sara?” Then he’s running to the door ASAP. When Kim drops him off, he knows what’s coming within 3 blocks & starts whining!

This sounds good, I pre-ordered the album on iTunes for release on October 2nd.

Climate change is happening now. 165F in Iraq as Jimmy Fallon reported yesterday.

Songs I like, “Neil Young”

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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