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Masterpiece review on “Joy Division”

Finally, same sex marriage is approved in the USA!!!! Celebrity reactions on twitter below

Movies that will expire from Netflix on July 1st

12 memorable statements on same sex marriage.

Jimmy Fallon’s OK!

Review of the “Finger Eleven” album

I don’t need/want Serious XM radio. It’s just another streaming site to me. I have an iPod, fix iTunes! If iTunes lose’ artists because of their streaming service, torrents it is! Illegal downloading for me only because I want to own my music!

Friday’s Rock It Out Blog

^^Before I hear this, here’s my take. I don’t know that she needs the money, but she’s asking to be paid for her job. I’m glad a huge celebrity said this, it was needed.

Superjoint Ritual is too much for me

‘Highly Suspect’ new band I’ve never heard of video “Lydia” shared by Halestorm. LANGUAGE!!!

Album pre-order on iTunes. I like but I’ll wait to hear the album preview once it’s released on July 17th. There’s 4 songs already that you could get with a pre-order.

Big Wreck’s Ian Thornley on instagram.

This was good. Jimmy Fallon vs. Mark Wahlberg with Nerf arrows

I have this documentary about is arrest & prison time in Europe, while the rest of “Lamb of God” was raising bail money for the vocalist. He was being held prisoner for an incident that occurred 2 years prior to his arrest at a show where a fan died.

Look what “Florence & The Machine” did in honour of Dave Grohl’s broken leg! While they filled in Foo Fighters’ spot

A gift for Lzzy Hale of ‘Halestorm’

The Rolling Stones play “Beast of Burden” with Ed Sheeran

Friday evening dad took me to The Exchange. I love that place, not too big & not too small! I think capacity is 250-300? My brother’s group, Room 333, played 2nd in a 4 band show. My eye’s still get tired, sore & watery at the end of the day. Dad & I stuck around for ‘Digital Dooms Days” set, the 3rd band with Justin Bender on guitar.

I felt like a politician in a good way! The people there that I know are great! Lot’s of people came over to shake my hand & chat for a bit. Good times with great people! I feel quite comfortable there.
Metal & hard rock fans get a bad reputation because of the music we listen too. That’s a sweeping stereotype & mostly a false stereotype. There’s a bad egg in every group, nothing will change that.

Saturday evening the Saskatchewan Roughriders had a home game against Winnipeg. We don’t usually see Winnipeg until the ‘Labour Day’ classic, it just didn’t feel right. It was incredibly hot on the Eastern seats. I was dripping sweat until the 4th quarter started. Breeze picked up a bit & the sun went away. Roughriders lost the game, 26-30, & our first string QB went down in the 2nd quarter of the game & he’s not coming back this year. That make 4 quarterbacks injured in the first week of the CFL season. First & second string in Montreal, first string in Edmonton I believe, & Darian Durant, first string QB for the Roughriders.

Kim’s parents were here this weekend, they should be home now? They brought down 3 long shelves from Kim’s cousin & her dad was helping her install them. They got here Friday afternoon, it was a very quick visit with them, especially with me going out Friday & Saturday night. I didn’t get to see them much.


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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



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  1. Glad ya felt comfortable and had a good time at the show on Friday! You are right, the exchange rules!!

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