To my father, grandfather & my father-in-law, thank you! So very much!

When you’re first born & can’t really do anything, who becomes your first hero?…….no it’s Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc. It’s your parents! I have a ton of respect for any parent. There is no way I could do that job.

Here I am 35 & not all grown up yet. My parents are raising me all over again, I guess the first time wasn’t hard enough?

I remember being very young in my parents apartment, my brother wasn’t even born yet. Dad & I watched ‘Episode VI Return of the Jedi’ together & guess who grew up to be a Star Wars fan? Me. No I’m not the fan that lines up outside the theater for 2 weeks to be at the first showing of the movie & I don’t dress up as my favourite character & go to a comic convention. ‘Star Wars’ is a story about a father & son though, George Lucas just chose to make it a science fiction story. My dad got me into ‘Star Wars’ & ‘The Lord of the Rings’. I tried reading my dad’s books of ‘Lord of the Rings’, couldn’t do it. “Ah there’s going to be a movie someday” good thing there was!

Before I had cancer, my brother & I took dad to the casino to see a 1 hour 1 man play of the entire first 3 Star Wars movies, Episode IV-VI. We got him tickets for fathers day!

Dad got me into “The Beatles”, some of “The Rolling Stones”, “Queen”, & David Bowie. Thanks dad.

Kim & I bought our first house & got possession on November 25th, 2005. We borrowed my mother’s cell phone since we were going to Prince Albert the day we heard yay or nay on our offer. Our realtor called to give us the good news while we were on the highway. This is what I popped on from my iPod……

I probably wouldn’t have a clue who David Bowie is or Jimmy Buffett without my dad.

Now my dad is a fan of Foo Fighters because of me, that’s pretty cool!

This is the show my parents went to while I was in the hospital, the tour for this album! I had just entered the hospital a month & a half before this concert in Saskatoon in 2008.


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