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I loathe facebook the “Anti-Social Network”

I don’t own a cell phone & still don’t plan to unless it’s free, like music is now, which is terribly disappointing to me. The Blue Jays are having a better year compared to the music industry. 8 game winning streak as of this afternoon. Can they keep it going? I hope so?
3 games in Boston starting Friday.

Foo Fighters confirm 2nd season of ‘Sonic Highways’

Sorry, but why? Who really wants to hear this? If you like it’s OK with me, there it is for you.

A. D. D. store. If you’re interested? I thought I’d listen to them more often?

Hey the new “Finger Eleven” is ready for pre-order on iTunes. Release date is July 31st & you get this tune with a pre-order.

They lost me on their 4th album but I stuck with them. This will be their 6th studio album & the first album of their’s I’ll get on iTunes. Everything else I have bought on CD. This single sounds promising to me anyways. I didn’t hate the last 2 albums but they didn’t sound like “Finger Eleven” material.

“Lamb of God” is set for pre-order on iTunes as well! Release set for July 24th with 2 songs available now when pre-ordered.

Which version do you prefer? I’ll stick with “The Boss” & Muse!

I got the Muse & the Tremonti album yesterday, both are really good for me, check them out if you like!

Interview/article with Mark Tremonti, good dude.

Non-sense Karaoke with Jimmy Fallon, Molly Shannon & Denis Leary

New season of ‘Orange is the new black’ on Netflix Friday!!

Barenaked Ladies preparing for tour.

Neil Young previews new album

Nothing like beating the music industry when it’s down Apple!
I’m glad any band I was in never made it big for this reason alone! They “…pay the labels millions of dollars…”. Great! How much of that goes to the people making the actual product? I’ll just shake my head for now.

Great does that mean ‘The Simpsons’ will end after 27 seasons next year? I stopped watching after the 3rd season. Personally this means nothing to me.

I love the feel & weight of my Les Paul knock off it’s very heavy so it didn’t move much if I was. It’s my go to electric guitar.
I have that, an Epiphone Explorer, a Fender Telecaster, signed by Ian Thornley of Big Wreck, & an acoustic Takamine guitar. At the moment, can’t play a lick of guitar, very frustrating after 2 minutes.

I got the Fender when I was in the hospital. From a friend who has a sister who’s cousin’s cousin knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Ian Thornley.

Meat? LANGUAGE IN THE YOUTUBE LINK!! Hilarious though!

I haven’ bothered to watch the entire first ‘Jurassic Park’ movie, not my thing. Here’s an article on ‘Jurassic World’

Pentatonix gave this parody a thumbs up!

Songs I like. “Into Eternity”

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl




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    Dave Bitschy

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