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I’m going to leave this first paragraph until I have 100 subscribers

PLEASE share this link & pass it around to those that might enjoy it. Subscribe from a desktop or laptop computer with your email where it says “follow”. Then you will receive a confirmation email that I don’t know what it says. Follow the instructions. After that you’ll receive each post in your email inbox on any device Let’s get some more people on board? http://www.amillionmilesawayblog.com Don’t feel as though you need to click on every link. I’ll do this so nobody else has to. I’m on facebook & email only. I’ve found people on face book that I’ve lost track of over the years, everybody has an email address for social media sites, might as well us it for this blog. I have no intention of putting this on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. it’s an old fashion website. Up there are instructions on how to subscribe. I’m at 37 subscribers so all 37 of you please help me out?
Even though you subscribe to the blog I always recommend coming to the site to read it in case someone comments on a topic. Comments are always welcomed. If you’re using “Google Chrome” as a web browser on a PC the http://www.youtube.com links will be open to show you the title, artist & a still photo of the video. Mac computers I know nothing about

Hard rock fans, buy this “Red Dragon” album by Room 333, which is compared to “La Gargola” by Chevelle!

Motor Sister? I haven’t checked them out & I’ve never heard of them? What do you think? Facebook is the new way I find out about bands & I slap them on here for everyone to find out. No more videos on TV & run of the mill “rock” music on the radio! So facebook is what I use!

Found it on iTunes. This is their first album, at least on iTunes. Preview it if you like? I guess they’re members of other BIG name bands most notably Scott Ian on guitar from “Anthrax”!


I don’t have much room to purchase CDs anymore, music I get through iTunes. Our DVD & Blu-ray stand is also near full with a pile of movies & full series of TV shows. DVDs for TV shows & Blu-rays for movies. 3D movies do nothing for me since I have no depth perception & can’t see it, which is a good thing. Kim feels a bit sick to her stomach if we go to the theater & see a movie. I think our TV can do 3D but our Blu-ray player isn’t a 3D player

I don’t do reviews. Other than my favourite albums at the end of the year. I’ll present them to you & if you like them, cool they have another fan! I’m not always right, just about the music I like, hard rock, metal, rock, lil’ bit of country, some classical music & Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine & Linkin Park (which is the extent of my rap knowledge).

I like Halestorm. I have that album preordered on iTunes!

Do I like music? Lil’ bit. 1342 albums on my iTunes. I don’t delete anything unless it’s dreadfully terrible to me. Lot’s of it I remove from my iPod but I keep it on my iTunes. Of course there is stuff I don’t like, I just try to keep this blog positive now. I’ve done the other thing & that was terrible, that’s not me at all. I am a negative person but I know when to shut my yap. That previous thread was the total opposite of who I am. I don’t have to try to be nice & I didn’t like who I was at all.

You think you know Tool?

Phil Anselmo talks about the deceits Dimebag Darrell (both formerly of Pantera). WARNING!!!!

Mark Knopfler makes Documentary!

O’Brians Event Center in Saskatoon your staff is AWESOME! I’m in a wheelchair the 2 times I’ve been there in a wheelchair, myself & guests that attend an event there are always immediately taken to THE place to be seated at the venue! Even if others are already seated there. Thank You! Always fantastic after the drive from Regina! I can’t say enough about your staff FANTASTIC!!!!

Quote of the weekend or quite possibly of the year goes to Anders of In Flames “I need to be serious for a moment…..Don’t drink that !#@$%@# Budweiser!…………….Life is too short for that @#$%! Stay away from it.” Say that in a Swedish accent or any accent it’s hilarious!!!!!!

Back to our regular scheduled program…………….

Paramore live

Paramore’s new single. Didn’t know they were working on new material. This weekend is just FULL of great things!

More Paramore live

Tuesday…Undatetable…………..NBC…………..after The Voice

Eddie Murphy to portray Richard Priors father

Former Metallica bassist on Metallica’s “…And Justice for All” WARNING!!!

11 funniest metal commercials

Think you know Alice in Chains?

10 epic walls of death

Looks as though Noel & Liam Gallagher have buried the hatchet. They’ve been arguing since the ’90s when they formed Oasis?

Sequel to “Mallrats” in the works for Kevin Smith! I thought he was working on the 3rd & final installment of the “Clerks” trilogy?

Lamb of God drummer possibly on next Megadeth album?
Does this mean the new Lamb of God album is recorded?

Tool has settled the lawsuit & are speeding the process on the new album. In 9 years they could have recorded an album if not 2 & waited for the lawsuit to be over?

Halestorm issue photo book.

Toto member dead at age 59

Final 2 songs Saturday evening in order

Majority of the crowd screaming along!!!

Blue Jays stuff.

Songs I like. “Chromeo” pop duo from the province of Quebec

From the 4th album of their’s. The only album I have or want of their’s so far!

Always check out the Rock It Out Blog or http://www.youtube.com/rockitoutblog

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


“Butthead” aka Chris

P.S. Catch you on Wednesday Kim will be home with me tomorrow and Tuesday is St. Patrick’s day. I’ve declared myself as of Irish heritage also I’ve decided March 17th as a holiday for those who are & might be Irish!


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