If you’ve been watching the show, tonight’s the one hour finale! Set your DVRs, VCRs, TIVOs, BETA MAXs, etc. Whatever you have?

Please don’t skip this first paragraph?

PLEASE share this link & pass it around to those that might enjoy. Tell them how to subscribe from a desktop or laptop computer! Let’s get some more people on board? I’M TIRED OF BEING A SALESMAN Don’t feel as though you need to click on every link. This is for anyone who’s into music & those that are on email & don’t subscribe to a newsletter on a website. I’ll do this so nobody else has to. I’m on face book & email only. When you decide to share it, they don’t have to know me. I’ve found people on face book that I’ve lost track of over the years, so let’s use email to talk with each other. Up there are instructions on how to subscribe. I’m at 28 subscribers so all 28 of you please help me out?

Even though you subscribe to the blog I always recommend coming to the site to read it in case someone comments on a topic. Comments are always welcomed.

Hard rock fans, buy this “Red Dragon” album by Room 333, which is compared to “La Gargola” by Chevelle!

I’ve been awake since 2:00am. I’m phoning it in today. 3 hours of sleep & 4 hours of tossing & turning in bed isn’t cool. The couch is calling me.   I’m either getting old or turning into an old woman? Got to be careful as to what I eat. It might give me gas, diarrhea, hic ups, make me pee a lot, have hot flashes, etc.

Just let Kurt Cobain R.I.P. As much as I like them U2 is among the bands that should just tour

Metalhead slays TV talent contest singing Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”

Look at all of the stuff going on at The Exchange in Regina

Sully Erna (Godsmack vocalist) & Marilyn Manson star in film together

Vanilla Ice was arrested in Florida

Foo Fighters to headline Glastonbury festival

New “In Flames” video for the song “Paralyzed” from the album “Siren Charms”

“Slayer” will issue a single for Record Store Day

Willie Nelson & Bono team up for a movie

RIOB Live your rock n’ roll fantasy

New Halestorm song “Mayhem” album release now April 14th

2015 Metal Alliance tour too heavy for me

Pat Smear of Foo Fighters was in the Prince video for “Raspberry Beret”?!?!

Jack White albums worst to first by

It happens but it sucks. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden singer) battling cancer

Another “In Flames” video from the album “Siren Charms”

Songs/Videos I like. Classical guitar by Ben Winoski local Regina artist!

Andy McKee cover of “Africa” by “Toto”

Now you’re on your own for the day.

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Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


“Butthead” aka Chris

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