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Even though you subscribe to the blog I always recommend coming to the site to read it in case someone comments on a topic. Comments are always welcomed.

This tiny blog has become really important to me. Why do I listen to different genres of music? They hit me hard emotionally. I didn’t cry but I teared up the first time I saw Tool live in Edmonton during the summer of 2006. Why? It was Tool doing their craft live really well. That is the only time lights & videos have ever done anything for me. Whenever I go to see a group live I sit near the soundboard if possible, why? That’s where whoever is doing the sound for the show will hear it best! I don’t care if I’m on the floor up against the barrier. I want it to sound good! Music involvement is said to increase the knowledge for math in students!

Booting ass & taking names, Rolling Stone’s 20 best country revenge songs


In Flames recent single from the album “Siren Charms”


Doing a music blog or listening/reading a music blog introduces me to music I’ve never heard before like the 4th album from “Chromeo”. “White Women”!


Ken Tizzard (former bassist of The Watchmen & Thornley)


I just want a new Halestorm album please. It’s likely done. This is a song from the last album


New album by Muse, “Drones” release date unknown




New Halestorm video!


The Avengers mash up with Spiderman!!!!!


Rock/Metal anti-love songs


Cooper, Depp, & Perry hangout


Marilyn Manson makes me giggle


This guy is awesome! 20 love songs in 20 styles!


30 worst rock tattoos of all time


Dave Grohl reams out Kaiser Chiefs all in good fun though! WARNING!!!


Father John Misty cover’s Nirvana’s “Heart Shape Box” acoustically!


I guess “Steel Panther” have issues with Kanye West?


N’Sync reunion? Remember, I just report the news “Bye, Bye, Bye”


Songs/Videos I like.



I’ll never understand why this next song broke through as his first big hit?


Always check out the Rock It Out Blog or www.youtube.com/rockitoutblog

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl


“Butthead” aka Chris


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