Thursday, January 8th 2015

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What’s that book titled?……….”Everybody Poops”

I loved story tellers, now Ed Sheeran is bringing it back!!!

Megadeth aka MegaDave news

50 greatest rock albums of the 2000s according to Kerrang magazine. I think I was having a nightmare & saw Limp Bizkit in that list? I guess it was a successful album?

A little Tremonti teaser.

NOBODY in a war ever takes innocent casualties in to consideration, that’s very telling of ANY government & that’s another reason I don’t vote! The losers in an election would likely stay the course & not ruffle any feathers.


Remember The Watchmen from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the AWESOME band that I got to see rough;y 18 times!

Watch Jimmy Fallon discuss his first meeting with Nicole Kidman!

Anybody want to go to Dave Grohl’s birthday on Saturday?

Robert Trujillo (Metallica bassist) has been quiet & try’s not to cross band members.

Record label has many metal bands releasing new material this year. Lot’s of this is way too heavy for me!

Studio footage of “Anthrax”

Roots of “grunge” set by Black Sabbath

Axemen of Sweden documentary clip.

The 1st album of this is probably my favourite Led Zeppelin album

I like this song, but I used to get crap for liking Fall Out Boy.

All of these award show & contest shows are just over hyped popularity contests to me. As much as I like Harry Connick Jr. American Idol has improved with him as a judge, but it’s still nothing more than an elementary school talent show. I left the room last night while Kim watched it.

How are Foo Fighters starting the year?

I like beer!

12 music documentarys to look forward to in 2015

Vote for your favourite rock album of 2014. Another popularity contest……

I checked out “Islander” who are in the lead in the vote & they aren’t too bad! Heavier than I expected.

I guess Eddie Murphy is back in the music biz.

New “System of a Down” album may happen?

10 best Download Festival performances according to Kerrang magazine.

Couldn’t tell you much about “Papa Roach” after they hit the BIG time with this song?
Heard this song haven’t thought of them since.

Big Wreck just shared this video on facebook. This is from a demo called “Mama” Ian Thornley made between the 2 “Thornley” albums.

Another site to stream your music.

I prefer to own my music, that’s why I use iTunes for now. I don’t know how actors get paid for TV shows and movies only released on Netflix? They’re putting stuff on there so we use it for now, I still prefer to own the actual DVD/blu-ray. Free music I don’t really like the idea of streaming music. It’s fine if you want to do so. I use iTunes since it’s what the label/management agrees to, but still the artist kind of gets back handed on an album purchase, that I don’t like. I know that when I spend money on iTunes for whatever I never have to worry about it going away. Sure I could find a torrent site & download whatever for free, I just don’t like the idea of it.

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG ^%$#@&*^* DEAL”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Butthead” aka Christopher


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