Wednesday, December 3rd 2014

Best live acts of 2014 according to the Consequence of Sound?
Who, who, Katy Perry (I’m not her target market), who & Jack White (talented guy, just not my thing)?
We can do better!

Lorde could be driving a Cadillac in real life if her hit was more than (Ah, OK)
“….we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams….”. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ & I’ll be over here, OK?

Stone Sour talk about split with guitarist Jim Root.

Slipknot, Korn & their opener announce UK tour dates.

The Rolling Stones pay tribute to late Saxophonist Bobby Keys

Youtube forced to change Hit counter because “Gangam Style” breaks countable figure

Rapper Xzibit arrested on his wedding day.

Has anybody ever “Ruptured a testicle” on stage?

More music from “My Morning Jacket”. Saw them open for Foo Fighters in Edmonton 2003!

Robin Williams on the year 2020. WARNING!!!

U2 detail tour.

Remember Pauly Shore? I didn’t even know he was still around? I like the movies he’s done, I’m sitting next to one right now, “Son-in-Law”!

Cake drummer sentenced to 15 years – life for child molestation

Kid drumming to I Mother Earth!

Stuff you don’t want to believe, but could very well be true. What was a 15 year old girl doing at the Playboy Mansion in the first place?

Well I guess I’m not seeing U2 live this year! Montreal and Toronto only dates in Canada.

It’s Prince, who’s going to stop him from getting on stage??

Oasis members argue with EVERYONE! Robbie Williams isn’t the first or last person to be scorned by Oasis?

It would be weird if a Kurt Cobain biography/documentary didn’t mention his widow Courtney Love Cobain?

Top 50 albums of the 21st century this far according to Kerrang magazine. Remember it’s subjective! I don’t agree with the entire list & you probably won’t either.

Are you kidding me 50 Top albums of the year according to Rolling Stone? I didn’t even purchase 50 albums this year!

Foo Fighters reveal a few things in Howard Stern interview, an article not a video or audio clip.

With all of this free or cheap music, it seems as though music could end up being very disposable? Unless music is something you can’t live without. Maybe you get an album or song just to have it or stream it? Radio, music videos & even $100+ concerts are all advertisements for the album. You’re not going to hear every single song on AM or FM radio, music videos or even at a live show. Maybe the entire album if it’s whoever’s first album?

If they don’t play a show near you, are you going to attend? I’m in Regina, Saskatchewan. If I want to see a big name band I’ll have to probably ask someone to take me to Saskatoon or out of province to Calgary, Edmonton or possibly Winnipeg. Spend just as much or more getting to where ever, & staying with friends, family or worst case a hotel. If I don’t go to a show, the artist(s) don’t get more than a few cents from me.

Here’s another scenario. I’m not much of a country music fan, but I really like the 1989 album by Taylor Swift, will I go to one of her concerts? No. The concert will not be every song from the current album that has been recorded, but that’s all I want to hear. The concert will include singles and other songs from other “country” albums she has released. Songs I don’t want to hear. So she gets pennies from me for that album.

You’ll pay hundreds of dollars to see a live show that might not include your favourite song on the album, but you wont pay for the album with that song on it for sure. Does that sound right to anyone? That’s why I won’t pay for satellite radio and choose to take my iPod with me instead. Sure there’s a 24 hour Pearl Jam station, and a ’90s station, not every song on both stations will I like. The ’90s were good & bad since you almost had every genre available & represented. Does anyone want to hear this on the radio?

Both of those songs were laughable as soon as they were released, for me anyways. I worked in a Hotel bartending or waiting tables at weddings, Christmas parties, cultural gatherings, etc. I heard those songs multiple times in one shift?

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG @#$%#$& deal”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Butthead” aka Christopher
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