Wednesday, November 26th 2014

Pearl Jam’s “Ten” on Masterpiece Reviews by the Rock It Out Blog on Tuesday. I love this album!

Why don’t I have a cell phone or mobile device at all?!

Why Foo Fighters ticket experiment didn’t work. I’m 7.5 hours away from the venue. If I wasn’t in a wheelchair, I wouldn’t get a decent ticket, if any ticket at all. Wheelchair seating at any concert I’ve been to since my cancer in 2008 have never sold out, thankfully. I mostly agree with this article as much as I hate technology, I’d rather be assured the same chance of getting a ticket as everyone else. I wouldn’t wait outside the box office for 2 days, I’d stay at home & have someone with a proper speaking voice order my ticket…….over the phone, not texting, emailing, tweeting, using facebook or emailing, but actually talking to someone, your cell phone has the ability to be used as a PHONE! Shocking, I know! Then I’d rest easy knowing I have that ticket already.

I pre-ordered the latest Soundgarden album and was slightly disappointed with it. That being said I haven’t sat down & had a decent listen to it. When I did listen to it, it was more of a type of background music (which I don’t really like doing to music). If I’m on a long vehicle trip, that’s when I pay REALLY good attention to what I’m listening to, since I don’t drive

Phil Rudd of AC/DC in court.

I can’t get into St. Vincent, especially for best album by NME.

Didn’t even know Rihanna was still around. Maybe she’ll release an album 9 years after her previous album? Then everyone will know what Tool fans feel?

More of Phil Rudd acting crazy in court in New Zealand

NOOOOOOO! That’s half of Megadeth that have quit the band. I just recently got the entire Megadeth collection & have yet to hear a song I don’t like.

That’s a great way to praise the people who made you famous…….NOT! WARNING!!!

There will always be cynics weighing in on anything.

Why should Bono apologize for the free album? Apple had an app out the next day to delete it? This was how long ago? Is anybody going to worry about this in 20 years?

“F U it’s a free album” Everyone wants free music? So you got what you wanted?

Meghan Trainor sings Thanksgiving songs on Jimmy Kimmel.

Here’s the article posted by about “Why I can’t stand Dave Grohl”. Not everyone will have the same music?! This really bothered the younger Foo Fighters fans. I think Foo Fighter fans should be thanking the author for the publicity!

“Creed” singer Scott Stapp going through a rough time at the moment.

Does anybody in Radiohead know anything about playing in tune or have any sense of rhythm anymore?

Here’s the top 50 songs STREAMING, so it won’t cost you anything!!!! As compiled by Rolling Stone.

Foo Fighters playing at Slane Castle in May of 2015.

They’re playing 2 Canadian dates in August 2015. Edmonton & Calgary. Both are in Alberta! If I lived any further East, I would seriously consider not going. The audience will comprise of Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and MAYBE Manitoba fans. I’d be surprised if anybody from Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, the Maritimes or the Territories would even consider attending? Really 2 dates in Canada, the largest country on the map (not residency)! I expected a better Canadian tour, yet it’s worse! If I lived in any eastern province I wouldn’t go to this show. Why are live concerts not free? They aren’t going to play every single song from every single album like on iTunes, CDs or whatever you’re using for free music! I guess I’m stupid because I want to pay/own my music. ITunes is very convenient, but the pricing is TOO CHEAP! Yes, you heard me right, free music is terrible and I hope every free downloading & streaming site get’s shut down & iTunes adjust the price on what the musician wants for their music under $20.00! I’m all for trading, lending & copying music. It was legal with cassettes & CDs, so I assume there’s no law about that type of thing being illegal? Yes, I’ll beat this subject until there is a change!

Bruce Springsteen tribute concert, with BIG name artists preforming!

Choose your own “Coldplay” adventure?

The Top 10 Leonard Cohen songs. Reader Poll by Rolling Stone magazine

I’ll take this cover of his number 1 song over the original.

I would never associate myself with Rammstein.

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG @#$%#$& deal”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Butthead” aka Christopher
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