FOO FIGHTERS! Can I just use that title until November 10th ?

Monday, October 20th 2014

Nature has a voice! Listen to it.

Video from the FREE U2 album everybody whined about. “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)”

Another Muse photo!!!!!

I was never a fan of Guns n’ Roses. I bought the first Velvet Revolver album, only the one single was the song I really enjoyed and it got old fairly quick. The latest Slash album is pretty good though but I think I bought it more for Myles Kennedy’s voice. I’m not so sure I’d ever want to be in VR as a singer other than becoming rich & famous. They can do their thing very well, I just found it to be fairly disposable.

Foo Fighters show at “The Cubby Bear” bar in Chicago. Friday night. Also the first 1 hour show of the mini-series began on HBO, as well as their final performance on Friday on the David Letterman show was Friday night.
Concert videos of the show in Chicago Friday night. WARNING multiple (f-bombs)

Foo Fighters Top 10 on Friday, October 17th

Followed by a performance of their new single..

From what I see, the 2nd Mark Tremonti solo album is near completion! This is from his 1st solo album.

Primus fans?

Ozzy says it much better than Gene Simmons could spin it!

Nick Oliveri news (former Queens of the Stone Age bassist)

Has anyone ever heard of a band called “Spirit” that toured with “Led Zeppelin”, I haven’t? Yet they claim to have written the opening of “Stairway to Heaven”

Alice Cooper sings with Nickleback………….uh……………….Theory of a Deadman, that other band that sounds like Nickleback?

Halestorm back to work, it’s Monday!

New Smashing Pumpkins single.

I totally agree! Grunge did not kill Hair metal. They’re 2 different styles of music.

A review of the album “One Day Remains” by Alter Bridge 10 years after it’s release.

Stories behind Iron Maidens art work, part 1.

Rock It Out Blog news & interview

John Bonham with Paul McCartney

Lot’s of so-called “fans” of these groups complain that these 2 albums don’t sound like previous albums. Do you want them to make the same album 10 times? I don’t. I quite enjoy both of these songs and everything else on the In Flames album. When Foo Fighters album is released I’ll decide if I like it. I’m not about to judge an entire album based on 1 song, which I like.

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG @#$%#$& deal”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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