Sunday, September 28th 2014

Music is my thing, I listen to it, I’ve sang it & I’ve played it. Music has always been a part of my 34+ year life. So yeah, it is a big deal as far as I’m concerned.

How did I get into music? I was in grade 2 in elementary school and in my 2nd and final year of piano lessons. I won 3rd place in a piano recital for playing this song….

Then I joined the school band and played flute…………..terribly! My dad made me sign a contract to stay with it until grade 10. I followed the rules but that wasn’t for me. I did get to go across Canada with band & then the choir. That’s why I don’t feel the need to leave Canada. I’ve seen most of it, but there is quite a bit I haven’t seen still!

The choir director, Stew, came to a band rehearsal looking for male voices. I said I’d give it a shot in grade 10 when he came. That became a rather hectic year at lunch times for me. If I wasn’t at a band rehearsal over lunch I was at a choir rehearsal. I guess it wasn’t too bad, but minimum 3 of 5 lunch breaks were 15 minutes to eat and 40 minutes in rehearsal? Something like that anyways. In grade 11 I quit the band, stayed in choir, auditioned for the chamber choir that rehearsed every Tuesday evening, after supper, tried out for our high school baseball team, made it as a back up 3rd baseman while playing on a city baseball team. Academically, grade 11 was my worst year in school, but I still had an average just over 80%. That year turned out to be my last year of baseball, my arm gave out and I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. 1 hit in 2 years, a single that royally screwed up my knee on in ’97. I didn’t tryout for anyone in ’98/grade 12. I was still in choir though, 2 of them. “Here’s my (high school) I sang in choir……”

Even when I graduated and started working at the Staples Call Center, I had to leave early one day to help out my brother and Jordan to sing 2 songs with them. They were in a “rock band camp”, where you’d learn some of the members favourite songs. Mitch picked 2 of them that they wanted me to sing for them at the finalé concert.

I think it was 2000 Rob, Dave, Rydell & I started our group in university. We were all in engineering at the time. We were pretty much a cover band with 7 original songs that we recorded over a weekend while I was house sitting for my grandparents before Rob & Rydell moved to Alberta. I’ve only played out of town twice. Rob mother was a Librarian at the Pense elementary school. We played at 2 of their dances. I think at most we knew 35 cover songs plus our 7 original songs. I found out quick that I didn’t like 2/3 songs I wrote. Lyrics were fine, the music REALLY sucked! This is still one of my favourite songs to play & now listen to until my left hand can move at a faster rate on the fret board……

I was always a singer first, I didn’t even own a guitar when we started the group. I didn’t get my first guitar until my 21st birthday, January 30th 2001. After our band had dissolved, I knew I wanted to continue being in a rock band. Playing to 500 people at beerfest was a kind of ego trip in 2002. I went to SIAST in September of 2001, just about a week before 9/11. After the band broke up, Corey and I would leave for a 2 hour lunch break in the Long & McQuade acoustic guitar room, just playing whatever song we both knew. I think it was in 2004 we practiced in a garage with Mitch on bass, Jordan on drums, Corey & I on guitar with me singing as usual Sometimes I got sick & tired of being the singer/frontman.

Once that group didn’t pan out, Dave, Corey & I played a few songs together in Corey and Jolene’s basement. Tyler Wanner came to a rehearsal too. That group dissolved quickly also, we were all pretty much into different music.

Then Mitch & Jordan started “Chemical Horizon”. Mitch is really good at guitar and Jordan plays 4/4 time beats very well. Mitch met Jerry a year younger than him in the washroom on the 3rd floor in Campbell Collegiate, high school when Mitch was in grade 12. Then they asked me to join. I’m 7 years older than Mitch & Jordan. That group stuck, it’s a lot of fun being in a band and you end up meeting bands people have never heard off that are REALLY good. Like these 2 groups, 1 local and 1 from Ontario….Ontario, “Flatlined”…/id278516992

Local band Stillseed, 2 of them in Room 333

In the first group with Dave, Rob & Rydell we met a group called “The Special Guests” a really good pop band from B.C. I’ve got their album, I don’t think many others do?

I stayed with “Chemical Horizon”. Jordan moved to Ontario for school in 2006. I found Todd Bryanton on as Mitch, Corey, Jay & I left to see Tool in Edmonton. Early on a Friday morning after a 10 hour evening shift that ended at 2 am. Less than a week after Jordan went to Ontario. “Chemical Horizon” fell apart when I went into the hospital on February 5th 2008. The last show we played was a benefit show on January 25th 2008.

Mitch & I never took guitar lessons, Mitch did take bass lessons.
He was Then he switched to guitar. I wasn’t a great singer, but I was good enough. I was far more comfortable with a guitar in my hands and I always liked to throw one cover song into our shows in “Chemical Horizon”. Usually Foo Fighters or Big Wreck, those were always fun for me.

Third Ion in studio

A different take (harp) on “One” by Metallica & Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child of Mine”

Rock in Rio reveals the 5 headliners for 2015

When drummers go solo. Phil Collins nailed it, so did Dave Grohl!

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin singer) on Jimmy Fallon.

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG @#$%#$& deal”-Dave Grohl
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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