Saturday, September 13th 2014

I like The Tea Party, let’s get that straight to begin with. If it’s mentioned on here, I like it. I’ve been trying to not go out of my way to bash a band or artist. Unless I find a funny link. I own 5 CDs by The Tea Party. All from the ’90s and maybe one from the early 2000s? Then they broke up after their final release in 2004. But they’re back with a new album after a decade apart. I’ve never been a “OOOHH, THE TEA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” type of fan. This new album, “The Ocean at the End” doesn’t peak my interest much, if at all.

Here’s their single from it.

Don’t ask me why I don’t care for this song, but it doesn’t feel like The Tea Party to me. I was anticipating stuff like the style of 1 of these 2 songs…

I’m gonna pass on the new album. I’d see them live though. It’s a great show! You get to see the 3 of them play multiple instruments on the majority of their songs. A lot of mid-eastern instruments that I’ve never heard of before!

Slayer tease fans with studio photos

Foo Fighters play under the name “The Holy $h!+$” to 600 people in old train tunnel.

We went to the Exchange last night to see my brother’s group and Justin Bender’s new band Third Ion play. Local original music groups do this because they love to do it. 99% of the city has no clue as to who they are and most groups playing original music are paid terribly. I’ve experienced both a cover band and an original band. Doing cover songs we;d get $500-$800 for a night. Original bands, playing original music, I think our big pay day was $200, usually around $75. Original groups actually craft their music and get paid less. Cover bands say “Hey, I like this song! Let’s learn it!” and in about 30 minutes you have a new song to play, that you’ll make hundreds of dollars for learning it.

I was the singer, lyric writer and 2nd guitar player ( rhythm ). I’d work on lyrics for each song for a day-2 weeks. Mitch would take care of the guitar parts aka make the music. Why did we do this because it was a fun hobby! It was never about the money, or anything else, just music we liked and wanted to hear.

Why now?

“Dear Mr. Page…
I always love your articles and I generally agree with them. I would
suggest, as in an email I received, they change the name from
Redskins to the “Foreskins” to better represent their community,
paying tribute to the dick heads in Congress.
I agree with our Native American population. I am highly insulted by
the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins. One might
argue that to name a professional football team after Native
Americans would exalt them as fine warriors, but nay, nay. We must
be careful not to offend, and in the spirit of political correctness
and courtesy, we must move forward.
Let’s ditch the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the
Cleveland Indians. If your shorts are in a wad because of the
reference the name Redskins makes to skin color, then we need to get rid of the Cleveland Browns.
The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of
militant Blacks from the 60’s alive. Gone. It’s offensive to us
white folk.
The New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy? No! There is no room for any
reference to that tragic war that cost this country so many young
men’s lives.
I am also offended by the blatant references to the Catholic
religion among our sports team names. Totally inappropriate to have
the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego
Then there are the team names that glorify criminals who raped and
pillaged. We are talking about the horrible Oakland Raiders, the
Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh
Now, let us address those teams that clearly send the wrong message to our children. The San Diego Chargers promote irresponsible fighting or even spending habits. Wrong message to our children.
The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity, a growing childhood epidemic. Wrong message to our children.
The Cincinnati Reds promote downers/barbiturates. Wrong message to our children.
The Milwaukee Brewers. Well that goes without saying. Wrong message to our children.
So, there you go. We need to support any legislation that comes out
to rectify this travesty, because the government will likely become
involved with this issue, as they should. Just the kind of thing the
do-nothing Congress loves.
As a diehard Oregon State fan, my wife and I, with all of this in
mind, suggest it might also make some sense to change the name of
the Oregon State women’s athletic teams to something other than “The Beavers.”

Can we all call the teams Curly? Nope that would insult the 3 Stooges and curly fries.

Why did this turn into a music blog? Because “music is a BIG @#$%#$& deal”-Dave Grohl
“Complaining won’t solve anything. If you want something done your way, just do it yourself!”
“Don’t try to please everyone, it CAN’T happen”
“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”
“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl
“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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