Sunday, May 18th 2014


I skipped Kyuss since I haven’t listened to them in years, the 3 CDs I own. Probably since 2002?


How hard was it for Hetfield not to shout at least one “YEAH!!”


CFL news.


Derik Whibley of pop/punk band Sum 41 almost dies from alcohol consumption.


Lamb of God was not the original name of the group from Virginia. They were originally going by the name “Burn the Priest”, the first release was S/T and IMO terrible. Their “singer” was awful. Screaming the lyrics in a high death metal voice, and that was all he could do for death metal vocals released in ’99 and remaixed and released again in 2005. They changed the name to “Lamb of God” for every album from there on. Really, there were many venues that turned them away because of their name “Burn the Priest”. They released 6 albums afterwards using “Lamb of God” from then on. That must be the most innapropriate name for them, yet off stage they say they have religious beliefs in God? If you listen to their music or lyrics that’s by far not what you’d take away from it!


They were my go to music on the release of “Ashes of the Wake” 2004 and “Sacrament” 2006. Those albums are the ones I listen to on a regular basis! They also released a 3CD anthology. Metal music w/ a WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “As The Palaces Burn” released in 2003 “Ashes of the Wake” released in 2004. This was on “Guitar Hero” for PS2, that’s how I found out about them. “New American Gospel” released in 2006 “Sacrament” released in 2006 also. Even if you hate the music it is a funny video! “Wrath” released in 2009. I give them a pass on this album. I’ll just forget this album happened. “Resolution” released in 2012.


I have 2 live CDs that sound like the albums. No point in showing the songs live, or the 3 CD anthology. I own all of these on CD. iTunes bothers me! I like it that the music is cheaper for the consumer but little known bands wont get paid for their art. These guys have 7 or 8 albums out and have sold well over 2 million albums, yet nobody has ever heard of them and they live in regular bungalow’s in quiet suburbs doing normal things, like one of them was building a deck in his backyard. Don’t famous people hire other people to do that? With iTunes, a signed artist makes $0.00-$0.05 on a sale, most of it goes to the record company and the bands management as far as I know?


“Complaining won’t solve anything. If you want something done your way, just do it yourself!”


“Don’t try to please everyone, it CAN’T happen”


“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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