Monday, April 28th 2014


Know what you’re eating, I’m not the type of person who craves beef. I have a small steak once a week for iron which is also in spinach, which I have in a juice or as a salad.


Here’s a list from with all of 2014s announced releases of hard rock and metal bands with the date of the release.


I believe this is a biopic of Jimi Hendrix. Staring Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix. “All is by my Side” set to hit theatres June 13th.


I’ve heard the entire Rory Partin album, through a representative of his, and it’s good! The single “Everybody’s got Somebody but me” is available on iTunes. The album is self-titled not the name of the single, “Rory Partin”!


Paul Simon was arrested after a domestic disturbance with his wife?


Iced Earth is a metal group Stu Block from Regina’s metal heroes Into Eternity joined Iced Earth and I believe he has done 2 albums with them thus far. I only have 1 album from iTunes by them out of 19 albums, and yes, I fell asleep while listening to it last night. I usually fall asleep to heavier music.


I think Stu Block sang on this album “Plagues of Babylon” and “Dystopia”? They’ll be in Regina at the Excange on May 11th.

I’ll try to be at the concert. I may ask my brother to take me, but it’s on a Sunday. I don’t think Kim works on the 12th a Monday, she’s not a fan of metal music in the least!


I slept in a bit, 9:30. Kim’s home today so I did actual yoga today! Left knee on the ground and right FOOT on the ground with my right arm out in front and my left arm stretched out behind me holding on to the table with Kim holding on to me for balance. I’m pretty sure I could do it on my own, we’ll see!?


I did that after 100 crunches and 35 push ups in 2 sets of ten and then a set of fifteen, and still I’m sweaty and gross.  I don’t work out to dace and techno music anymore!  Usually “Iron Maiden” or “MegaDave” aka “Megadeth” 


“Complaining won’t solve anything. If you want something done your way, just do it yourself!”


“Don’t try to please everyone, it CAN’T happen”


“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook

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