Monday, April 21st 2014


Any Canadian remember Big Sugar? The lead singer left to do a few Grady albums and join Wide Mouth Mason on bass. From what I know, Grady released 4 albums, Big Sugar is back together and he’s (Gordie Johnson) still playing bass with WMM. I only have the first Grady CD. I like Grady and Big Sugar, they’re just not my go to albums. Both are blues based rock bands with some grit, if that makes sense? Here are a few songs from the first Grady album that I own, and should get some more of from iTunes. I think he was playing with 2 musicians in Texas? Honestly, Big Sugar and Grady are the absolute loudest concerts you’ll hear in your lifetime. I’m sure their amps go to 11 and never move, like in the mocumentary “This is Spinal Tap”


CBC report by my cousin David Fraser! Why?


Thanks uncle Kent Fraser! “What is a Farmer?”



Big Wreck album teaser pre-order and release date in Canada and America at the end of the teaser.


STEVE JOBS. Yes he did a lot of great things and was constantly pushing the envelope. Now nobody has to actually speak with another person. Anything from apple is mostly his invention. I have one 160gb iPod and I use it all of the time. ITunes, I use for most of my music. That bothers me! ITunes ruined the music industry. Musicians who are signed to a label, get $0 or a few pennies for their music. I’m Canadian. We don’t have “Record Store Day” stuff on vinyl was and still is only available at 2 or 3 stores here. I like having the option to get my music in whatever platform I choose! I use iTunes as a cost saving method but I prefer having a product in my hand. Kim and I have begun renting and buying movies from iTunes. Big Wrecks album will be released in May? I’ve got the single from iTunes, but I plan on supporting one of my favourite bands by purchasing the actual CD. Thank you Sean Parker and Steve Jobs you’ve ruined the music industry. Parker invented Napster and Jobs came up with iTunes. I hope everyone likes their cheaper music!


For me, it’s a love/hate thing. I use it but I hate it. The days of million dollar musicians are long gone. No it’s not because of what Gene Simmons says. “Rappers are the new rock stars because they have all of the bling, fancy houses and sexy women. Rock stars have normal houses, don’t wear a bunch of jewelery, and don’t wear fancy clothes!” It’s because A. iTunes B. Not everyone does it for the fame and fortune. Real musicians do it because they have a passion, because they want to do it as a career. Never heard of “Lamb of God”? They’ve sold millions of albums, toured all over the world many times as has “Alter Bridge” but nobody has a hot clue who they are because of iTunes.


I have an iPod, a desktop Microsoft computer, Netflix, plasma TV and hopefully soon an LCD TV, a stereo, etc. That’s more than enough for me! If the day comes that I have to have some type of mobile device. It will stay at home until I’m done whatever it is I’m doing. If it’s a cell phone, very few people will have the number, it will not be used for email or face book and if I ever receive a text, I’ll call you back, remember it’s a cell PHONE! I’ll get the cheapest pile of crap cell phone possible and the cheapest piece of junk iPad or tablet available to stay at home. I don’t have a digital camera either. I hate having my picture taken so why would I take photos of other people?


Digital technology or analog technology should always be a choice for the user. I played in rock bands and my effect pedals were all analog pedals not a large digital pedal with 100 different settings on it. Tube amplifiers (analog) sound way better than a solid state amplifier (Digital) I had a cheap solid state, it was the same muddier sounding tone everyday. My brother had a tube amp, more expensive and very inconsistent until it warmed up. I had 5/6 analog guitar pedals and Mitch has a large processor with a ton of different settings on it. A personal choice. I wanted the exact amplifier he had, but we were at different stages in our lives.


Everything should be available and optional in a first world country. How about helping others in third world countries first then the homeless in first world countries, then those of us with a roof and a living space?


“Don’t try to please everyone, it CAN’T happen”

“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”

“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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