Tuesday, March 18th 2014


That’s why this website exists!  I’ll answer any questions about MY cancer within reason of course.  Cancer is well known in my mother’s family.  My Grandmother died in December of 1999 of breast cancer. My Grandfather died of cancer when I was close to being done with my rehabilitation program in 2012, just down the hall from where I was in the Pasqua hospital.  So my Grandpa and Grandma died of cancer, I survived cancer and my aunt Diane in Winnipeg had her first round of chemo today for her stage 2 breast cancer!  She’s tough and treatment for breast cancer has come a long way since ’99.  I KNOW she can do this!  I wasn’t even supposed to come out of my coma 5-15% chance of that and that was stage 4 cancer.  My aunt Diane, mom’s only sister, has a far better chance of surviving than I did!  She’s far stronger than me.


Sure, she’ll lose her hair!  No biggie, less time getting ready to go out! There’s 4 siblings, Rick James, Diane Gagnon, my mom Barb Fraser and Ken James, oldest to youngest!  Lot’s of cousins as well!  My dad’s side of the family has other health issues as well.


So, Aunt Diane, we’re all pulling for you, “keep your stick on the ice” we know you can do this.




Your favourite nephew!


2 responses to “CANCER

  1. Thanks Chris…the fight is on. First treatment was ok….got a headache before I left the hospital and still have it this morning (06:30). My stomach sometimes hurts a bit but no vomiting so far.

    The doc tells me by the end of treatment one, three weeks, or the start of the next,…we will have matching hairdos! Probably no eyebrow and maybe lashes, but I don’t have many to start with. I said to Rick and the girls yesterday, ” if I am losing all my hair and eyebrows and so on, do you think I could luck out and have the menopausal beard and mustache fall out too?!!”

    Thanks again for all thoughts and prayers…..lots of love to you both!!


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