Tuesday, March 11th 2014


I’ve got 5 albums of them.  Corey burnt me his 5 CDs and man are they fantastic!  Heavy rock/metal if you want to call it that?  I’ve been so hooked on Linkin Park, I Mother Earth, the recent Alter Bridge and the new Queens of the Stone Age, that Corrosion of Conformity got lost in the mix.   I know absolutely nothing about this band other than, the most recent album I have is from 2005, I think they’ve broken up and I couldn’t find a facebook page earlier this year?  Here’s the opening song from each album I have….


How did I not know about them, this is right up my alley?  Thanks Corey, good call, along with introducing me to Badmotorfinger by Soungarden and all of the Pantera stuff! FYI-My shirt says Live not Liv as you told me in SIAST.


I’ve been watching many conspiracy theory’s about 9/11 and it’s raised many question that I would like to ask George W. Bush Jr.  Why was there an action when the planes hit the WTC and no reaction?  Why didn’t the buildings spring backwards then come to a resting position when they were hit? Doesn’t every action have a reaction?


Why did tower 7 collapse?  The 46 level building next to the towers that were hit?  Tower 7 wasn’t hit with anything.  It wouldn’t fall just because the other 2 next to it were on fire?  Why did so many reporters announce it’s fall before it happened?


Why did you attack Iraq immediately after and kill Saddam Hussein?  Yet Osama Bin Laden was immediately blamed for the attack?


All in all thousands of innocent people died for who knows what reason?  A Holy war?  Oil?  Don’t know the reason but 9/11 will be remembered by everyone who was alive to hear or see it on every TV station that evening, or those who lost someone that day and those who rescued as many people as possible.


Kim’s OK today.  She woke me up, ready to go to work.  I thought it was a weekend and asked her where she was going, since she had her coat on.  She said “I’m going to work”.  I replied “Ugh it’s Tuesday……OK”


Before I had cancer I looked up the law about free music in Canada.  It basically said you could download but not upload any?  Why were we allowed to swap CDs or burn CDs before? When cassettes were popular people traded or copied them too.  Is any of this legal now?  Why do I have to pay for music from big name artists on iTunes who make little to nothing on the sales on iTunes.


Nobody’s getting rich on iTunes sales. I don’t put money into our radio to hear what I want?  I don’t have Satellite radio because it costs money to hear music.  If it’s a small unknown band I’ll go to the show, buy a T-Shirt or something and buy the CD.


“Don’t try to please everyone, it CAN’T happen”


“Learn something from your mistakes and don’t do them again”


“I feel good about the good things and bad about the bad things”-David Eric Grohl





“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook


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