Saturday, October 19th


Yes, the bass player from “Hole” and then “Smashing Pumpkins”.  She released one solo album, on my iPod too, then disappeared completely.  She’s from the province Québec, not sure what city though.  I got to see her live at the Distrikt here in Regina.  The show was Limblifter (Regina area), Auf Der Maur and then Matthew Good(B.C.) as a solo artist.  Great show to see and hear!  I never expected to see her live anywhere near Regina. Mitch and I saw one video on Much Music and I was hooked.  It was completely different than anything I’d ever heard.  Quite a few members of Queens of the Stone Age and A Perfect Circle played on that album.  This was the only video I saw.


Apparently Limblifter is back together now with a slew of Canadian bands from the ’90s.  Here’s some Limblifter to jog your memory.


Here’s the Matthew Good Band at it’s best.  Yes, Dave, Rob, Rydell and I played this (the first rock band I/we were in).   This has to be among their biggest hits.  Matthew Good as a solo artist is pretty hit and miss for me.  Here’s a hit for me in his solo career.


Best guitarist that I put on my facebook timeline what was I thinking?  I only know about local artists and very famous artists.  I forgot 2 other local guitarists that are up there among the guitar Gods.  Daniel Nargang and Justin Bender and anyone else that has been in Into Eternity.  I don’t like classifying metal music as Black, Death, Thrash, Power, Progressive, etc.  It’s music and you either like a band or not, simple as that.



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher or Chris G. Fraser on facebook

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