Wednesday, September, 18th


If you live in Canada you know about them, if you live anywhere else you should check them out and stop saying “Who?  What?”.  No, I don’t like every song of theirs, just most of them.  They are up there with Foo Fighters in first place if I’d have to rate my favourite bands.  The first album “In Loving Memory of…” ,released in ’97, I can listen to straight through and not skip a song.  It has these songs on it that are big hits in Canada


The 2nd album “Pleasure and The Greed” released in 2001, is my favourite album of theirs, yet I don’t like every song on it the first part of the album is sketchy to me here’s the 2 songs in the first half of the album I like.


Then it hits this 7th song on the 15 song album and then I just let it play the rest of the way through!   Then they broke up in early 2002, and reunited and released the album “Albatross” in early 2012. I like the album, just the last song “Time” I don’t really care for.  Here’s the title song and first single from that album that I listened to 198 times from the day it was released until I saw them 3 months later.



YO!  R.C.M.P.


Yo! R.P.D.


Music news A Perfect Circle, box set and a Greatest Hits album with one new song, Queens of the Stone Age vs. Jay Z , Beck, and Pearl Jam news.  NOT FOR KIDS!

Yes!  Kim is my lobster, and she’s an awesome lobster!


Everybody has at least heard about this song, if only life was that definitive!  Right or Wrong, it would be so easy.  No audio, no worries about this!


I liked Radiohead 1-3 of their albums, then Kid A was released and we all went to MUSE!


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”


“Don’t judge anyone until you’ve been in their shoes”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka “Mr. Yoda” aka Chris(topher)


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