Tuesday, August 27th


I  am now the owner of the album by Avenged Sevenfold “Hail to the King” my first album of theirs, just released today, I had to preview it on iTunes to make sure I wanted it.  Not what I would call metal but close to it.  I pre ordered Alter Bridge’s next album “Fortress” on iTunes, also not what I would call metal but close to it.  Just to have this song on my iPod until the album is released October 8th  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh_NOkycLCw I should pre order Jack Johnson as well.  Maybe after I talk with Kim and I’ll ask if our money tree has any leaves on it?  Alter Bridge and Jack Johnson have yet to “…disappoint….” me.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftjEcrrf7r0 I still like these guys quite a bit, always have.  Kim and I heard this on the radio yesterday and I turned it UP! 


Isn’t radio supposed to play current singles/advertisements for albums being released?


I could pre order Trivium’s and Pearl Jam’s new album being released on October 15th but I won’t have a computer of my own, we’ll be staying at my parents house by then.


All of this outrage about Miley Cyrus. Do I, a 33 year old caucasian male who fits the description of most criminals with the exception of a wheelchair, really care?  Do I? Not in the least!  It’s all over the internet and I refuse to watch a video of her and Robin Thicke at any awards show!  Hasn’t Robin Thicke had his 15 minutes of fame?  I can’t get away fast enough from his song, and I rarely listen to the radio?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA01pdI0jng


Played 3 games of cribbage this afternoon with Kris from the A.B.I. program like we do most Tuesdays at 1pm, to keep my wheels spinning!  Isn’t this exciting stuff?…………………NO!


Regina Police save 2 kids http://regina.ctvnews.ca/regina-police-rescue-two-young-kids-left-in-hot-car-1.1429055


Help others in need when possible. 



Sorry, now it’s Wednesday, August 28th


Teachers are VERY underpaid if you ask me or most people!



I don’t need any type of review these days.  I know what I want if the money’s lying around!



It would be great in Canada if all of these bands reunited except “Age of Electric” if they did there would be no Limblifter, who have reunited already.  It would be just like the 90s in Canada, everyone could get their slice of the pie.  I don’t enjoy all of these groups but it would be equal opportunity for most. http://www.aux.tv/2013/08/20-canadian-bands-we-hope-will-reunite/


Blue Jays article by the extremely negative analyst Dirk Hayhurst.



Another article about the Blue Jays and what will change in the off-season



I had to get offline early yesterday, we we’re meeting some friends for a movie at 7:20pm at the Southland Mall.  We went to see “Jobs”. All about Steve Jobs building the Apple industry from his parents garage with his friends into a multi billion dollar company, a very good show!  Highly recommend it for anyone and everyone.  Ashton Kutcher is great in it!  It’s not a comedy, drama or horror movie, it’s a true story!


Country music, rap, or pop can be just as offensive as hard rock or metal. Why not make most people unhappy with the music at the Rider home games and play some soft rock or 80s new wave?


There’s a facebook page called “Where did all of the rock bands go?” They’re out there, you just have to look harder for them.  Yesterday “Hail the King” by Avenged Sevenfold was released more of a metal group.  Pearl Jam, Alter Bridge and Trivium are set to be released in October and Foo Fighters have one coming “next year” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1qQuSuQaHY Hopefully TOOL will also.  You miss Radiohead releasing actual music when they got to the 4th album “Kid A”?  Check out MUSE, just not “Showbiz” or “The Resistance”  I didn’t really care for those albums.


“There’s always someone else having a worse day than you or I”



“Hubby Boo Boo” aka “Butthead” aka Christopher


chrisg.fraser@gmail.com or Chris G. Fraser on facebook

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